Top 5 Beef Tips to help you save money and time

I’m pretty sure most of us would be delighted to find more time in the day and to find more money in our wallets…but the reality is, well reality.  There are however, some easy ways you can save yourself some time and some money, and Canadian beef is here to help!

Tip #1: Cook Up Convenience with Big Batch Ground Beef!

Cook up convenience when you stock up on value-priced bulk packs of ground beef.

By cooking the meat before freezing, you will always have cooked ground beef at the ready to use in your favourite pasta sauce, chili, soup, casserole or my favourite, the So Simple Provolone Beef Pizza.

So Simple Big Batch Beef

Cook up and stash a batch of Big Batch Beef in the freezer for lots of speedy So Simple scratch-dinners.
10 Minutes

Canadian Beef So Simple Beef Provolone Pizza

So Simple Beef Provolone Pizza

WOW – with Big Batch Beef in the freezer, this pizza is a faster dinner alternative than take out!
15 Minutes

Tip #2: It pays to keep a freezer full of beef!

A full freezer uses less energy, so stock up on sale beef items – it pays to keep a freezer full of beef.  Beef can be frozen in its original transparent packaging for up to two weeks.  For more on how to store your beef, check out the video.

For longer storage, over wrap the beef in moisture or vapour proof material such a freezer paper or bags, or heavy-duty aluminum foil.  Squeeze out as much air as possible before freezing.  Wrap meats tightly to prevent freezer burn. Label each package with the weight, date, cut name and number of servings.

A note on thawing: always defrost beef in the fridge on a plate in its wrapping, never on the counter.

And did you know beef steaks and roasts can be cooked from frozen?  Just allow up to 50% more cooking time.

Tip #3:

Think cost per serving, not total price – you’ll get more bang for your buck!

Compare meats on a cost per serving not total price to determine value.  A roast of beef is a great economizer and is easy to prepare.  Leftovers stretch the grocery budget even further when added to stir-frys, pizzas, lunch sandwiches and pasta dishes.  To help you choose the cut that’s right for you, check out the handy video.

Steak and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Steak and Broccoli Stir-Fry

A quick stir-fry that combines flavourful steak with colourful vegetables.  This recipe will quickly become a weeknight favourite.

Slow Cooker Pulled Beef Barbecoa-style

The slow-cooker is great to use all year-round. Use it in summer to help keep your kitchen cool and ensure that you are out of the kitchen enjoying summer-fun! If you find Ancho chili paste in the grocery store, you can substitute it for the canned chipotle peppers.

Asian Beef Noodles

Serve stir-fry recipe over whole wheat spaghetti or rice noodles. For 4 servings, cook 6 oz (175 g) pasta while the meat marinates.
5 Minutes

Tip #4:

Mix it Up and Get More Bang for your Bites!

Make your own burgers and meatballs – in addition to the savings, you get two more great benefits: tastier and healthier!

Try mixing it up and make burgers and meatballs in variety of flavour profiles.

Need some inspiration? Make your own burgers or meatballs.

Try mincing some veggies (like mushrooms, finely grated carrot, diced peppers etc) and adding them to patties and meatballs – adding flavour and nutrition.

Using lean grinds, such as lean and extra lean ground beef, round, chuck or sirloin are all healthy choices.

Souvlaki Sirloin Beef Meatballs and More

To round out these dinners, serve any of the versions with our yummy Greek Vegetable Sauté, and your favourite creamy Greek Salad Dressing.
15 Minutes

Thai Beef Meatballs

To serve this recipe as elegant hors d'oeuvres, skewer each meatball with picks made from cleaned stalks of lemon grass. Serve on a platter with purchased Thai chili or sweet and sour sauce in a small bowl for dipping. Make Ahead Tip: Cooked meatballs can be frozen for up to 3 months and reheated in microwave to serve.
15 Minutes

Beef Wrapped Maple Parsnip Bites

Beef Wrapped Maple Parsnip Bites

This recipe takes advantage of making appetizer bites from leftover roast beef. The recipe is enough roast to make 4 to 6 main course servings as a roast one night, with enough left over to make 40 Bites to serve within 3 days.


Tip #5:

A cut above!

Buy sale priced steaks and roasts and cut into stewing and stir-fry beef at home, this saves the extra costs at the store.  It also lets you to manage the amount of beef you prepare. Whatever isn’t used, you can store in the freezer and add to pot pies, casseroles and more.


Barbecue Beef Hand Pies

Reminiscent of Jamaican patties or Spanish empanadas, these hand-held pies are the perfect after-school snack, lunch or light dinner.
15 Minutes

Beef and Mushroom Stew with Glazed Carrots and Puffed Pastry Crouton

Make this hearty stew with Stewing Beef such as Stewing Beef Cubes or Shank or cubes that are cut from Short Ribs or Simmering Steaks such as: Cross Rib, Blade or Brisket.

Cowboy Ground Beef and Bean Casserole

Here's a super simple one-pot casserole that's pulled together pantry basics. Round up your posse with to tuck into this retro-inspired dish that packs in some serious nutrition. Top with grated cheese to get all four food groups in each serving. Each serving is an excellent source of zinc and a very high source of fibre.
20 Minutes

So, how do you save yourself time and money? Comment below.

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