Why Canadian Beef

We put the best of Canada into our beef

Stewardship in Action…

Rotational grazing: The continual movement of cattle on farm from pasture to pasture allows the pastures to recover and thrive. Benefits: This allows plants to come into flower so they provide a food source for wild bees and other pollinators. Rotational grazing also increases the soil organic matter, which is important for enriching the soils that lie beneath.

Water conservation: Planting trees on the creek banks helps to control erosion along streams and waterways. Here are some other stewardship practices that reduce impacts of cattle on waterways: Planting trees on the creek banks to control erosion. Fencing off the creek banks so that cattle can’t wade into the water and break down creek banks, fenced buffer strip on creek banks to control erosion. Planting grasses and vegetation  to capture and filter water run off before it reaches the creek or stream.

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Our Promise:

Each and every day, Canadian beef is produced and delivered with pride and tradition. As exceptional as the land on which it is raised, Canadian beef is excellence without compromise. We will do what is right.

When asked world-wide what makes Canadian beef great, people told us it is Canada itself

producer-headsOur community of ranchers and farmers tend to the cattle and land with values that we all hold dear: honesty, hard work & resourcefulness. We base our practices on facts and what is proven.

t-bone-steakOur quality beef is shaped by the land and enjoyed at family tables globally. It’s our landscape, cold climate, rich grasslands and fields, that all make for hardy herds.

check-markWorld-class standards are in our nature. We strive to establish and respect regulations for the good of us all. Safe quality beef is part of our Canadian culture.

maple-leafRaising beef is a craft spanning a history longer than Confederation. We take on the responsibility for the resources in our care. Stewardship is the mindset, sustainability the practice.

A gathering of friends and family with beef on the grill is a simple pleasure and the Canadian way to nourish us, body and soul.

Your community of over 68,000-strong beef farming and ranching families across the country express their heart-felt thanks for your love and loyalty for Canadian beef.

We put the best of Canada
into our beef

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Checklist for

  • Wide open spaces for cattle to graze: an environment conducive to grazing herds since time began

  • Fresh air, clean water, and fertile soil

  • High-latitude summers with long days of sunlight for growing nutritious grass and grains and just the right amount of precipitation

  • Cooler climes (even in summer) that are like a natural meat locker: much less stressful on cows than any hot-weather ranchland

  • Cold winters that are ideal for the very best genetics for breeding beef cattle

  • A heritage of hardworking ranching and farming families that is part of the nation’s culture

  • A society with a deep appreciation for agriculture, animals, nature and sustainability

  • A caring and effective government capable of ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety, and with sophisticated and enlightened trade policies

  • People who are caring, ethical, hardworking and always open to innovation

  • A country that doesn’t settle for the bare minimum in terms of regulations, but always does what’s right, leading this respect

  • A technologically advanced country capable of maintaining the very highest standards at every stage of a complex supply chain.

  • A globally savvy, multicultural people who understand the different roles and meaning of beef in different cultures and nationalities.

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Canadian Beef
Brand Pillars



“Canadian beef has a strong foundation that is built around the producer, reflecting a legacy with a rich and proud heritage. Canadian farmers and ranchers produce Canadian beef with integrity, and personify the brand.“ Research confirms that both stakeholders and consumers in all our major markets think of Canadian beef producers, much as Canadians in general: as active, hardworking, dedicated, honest, careful, kind, friendly and diligent. This established reputation of Canadians has prepared the ground for us to speak about our producers. People are primed and ready to listen. This allows us to confidently tell our stories knowing that our audiences will appreciate the commitment, passion and good reputation of Canadian beef producers.


“Canadian beef is well marbled, flavourful and tender. Packed with essential nutrients, Canadian beef is a powerful protein and anchor to healthy eating with a taste that people crave.” People in all our markets associate our beef with quality, pleasure, taste, health and nutritiousness. This is closely correlated with their associations of Canada as a clean, prosperous and healthy place: an abundant land rich in natural nutrients and free of pollution, providing the assurance that Canadian beef would also be rich and pure and tasty. What’s more, the awareness of our northern climate and positive perceptions associated with it allow us to tell additional stories of what makes Canadian beef so great. We know that our beef is a premium product. Others are prepared to know this too. So making the connection for them should not be difficult.

“By choosing Canadian beef, you are supporting your rural neighbours and Canada‘s economy. There are beef farmers and ranchers in every province in Canada, striving to bring good food to your table and working to be good stewards of the land and animals in their care.”

check-markWORLD CLASS

“Canadian beef is produced according to world class standards for quality and safety. The Canadian beef grading system and our interlocking controls for animal health and food safety are key contributors to an exceptional eating experience.” People worldwide associate Canada with honesty, ethical behavior, a deep respect for rules and regulations, and a high level of scientific and technological achievement. Canada and Canadians are known to be upright, fair-minded, ethical, and caring. Canada always does what’s right with care and precision. We might expect any of our competitors to speak of their standards, but their audiences might not be as ready to believe them as they are to believe in Canadian beef’s claims. In fact, Canada’s reputation for high standards and technological expertise is so strong that it can even help overcome individual or isolated setbacks in our industry.


“Canadian beef is produced through the efficient use of pasture land, water management and environmental conservation practices, Canadian farmers
and ranchers work towards economic viability, a sound environment and social responsibility.” In all our markets, audiences associate Canada with a pristine, clean environment, rich in natural resources, not crowded, polluted, or ecologically challenged. Because our natural resources are so ingrained in our reputation and national psyche, it is understandable that people feel we take care of them. In addition, they know Canada as economically prudent and prosperous, and they recognize our society as a caring one. These impressions of Canada as clean and honest, plus the reputation of Canadians as financially and socially responsible, gives people confidence in our commitment to protect and preserve economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Behind the Brand Mark


We serve Canada.

In fact, we are Canada. Through the deeply satisfying experience of Canadian beef, tens of thousands of producers and millions of consumers connect with one another and with the spirit of our country, our nation and our people.

We draw upon hundreds of years of human history, millions of years of Mother Nature, an enduring relationship between ourselves as humans and the animals we look after and the beef we consume. In this profound and necessary pact we represent something vital
to our very existence. Canadian beef is not only a product, but it is emblematic of a truly Canadian way of life and a way of living.

It is our good fortune to represent Canadian beef. Our beef is great because of Canada.

The world appreciates what we stand for. They admire Canada. They respect Canadians. They recognize goodness. The world is already on our side. All we have to do is remind them.

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