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Why Canadian Beef?

We put the best of Canada into our beef.

When asked world-wide what makes Canadian beef great, people told us it is Canada itself

producer-headsOur community of ranchers and farmers tend to the cattle and land with values that we all hold dear: honesty, hard work & resourcefulness. We base our practices on facts and what is proven.

t-bone-steakOur quality beef is shaped by the land and enjoyed at family tables globally. It’s our landscape, cold climate, rich grasslands and fields, that all make for hardy herds.

check-markWorld-class standards are in our nature. We strive to establish and respect regulations for the good of us all. Safe quality beef is part of our Canadian culture.

maple-leafRaising beef is a craft spanning a history longer than Confederation. We take on the responsibility for the resources in our care. Stewardship is the mindset, sustainability the practice.

A gathering of friends and family with beef on the grill is a simple pleasure and the Canadian way to nourish us, body and soul.

Your community of over 60,000-strong beef farming and ranching families across the country express their heart-felt thanks for your love and loyalty for Canadian beef.



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