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Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef releases second National Beef Sustainability Assessment (NBSA).

The assessment reflects three years of in-depth scientific analysis and highlights the Canadian beef sector’s progress between 2014 and 2021 on sustainability indicators like
greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, carbon storage, people’s health and safety, animal care, economic contributions and more. The report also includes accompanying sustainability strategies that identify areas for continuous improvement.

Producing 1 kg of beef* now creates 15% less greenhouse gases.

Putting us on track to reach the 2030 Canadian beef industry goal of a 33% emissions intensity reduction. *boneless and consumed

Land used for raising beef cattle is estimated to hold 1.9 billion tonnes of soil organic carbon.

That is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of over two billion passenger vehicles over an entire year – that’s emissions
from 58 vehicles per Canadian!

Wildlife habitat capacity has increased within land used for raising beef cattle.

This Canadian land provides the majority of vital habitat that wildlife needs for both reproduction (74%) and to find food (55%).

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