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This is the story of partnership & pairing – for good food and a better planet.
Beef farmer & brewer. Beef & beer.

It is estimated that 58% of all food produced in Canada—roughly 35.5 million tonnes—is lost or wasted each year. That waste contributes to an estimated 56.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions released into the air.

Did you know that the beef cattle in Canada actually play an important role in helping to limit the amount of food waste that ends up as land fill? Cattle are both a remarkable food waste-solution and a valuable food supply benefit.

Here’s how it works – beef cattle are ‘upcyclers’ – meaning that they can use foods and food by-products that humans either reject (think ‘imperfect’ carrots) or those that we can’t eat (like the mash left from making beer). These are waste to us, but powerful feed-stuff for cattle. And beef cattle ulimately support our food supply, providing us with one of natures’ most powerful nourishing protein foods – meat.

So next time you think of a beef and beer pairing, remember that it’s more than just what’s in the glass and on your plate. It’s a partnership of mutual benefit to farmers, brewers and really – for us all.

Meet fifth generation beef farmer: Jay Lewis of Lewis Land & Stock (Holstein, Ontario).

And Jay’s cattle here – feeding on the corn stalks left over after harvest – another job of ‘upcycling’ a food waste product, while doing their job to fertilize the land as well (think manure).

“A strong commitment to sustainability has allowed our farm to thrive for generations, providing for our family, as well as 15 other families in the community,”

Meet Todd Lewin, President, and co-owner Muskoka Brewery (Bracebridge Ontario).

This handful of brewer’s mash (a.k.a. ‘spent grains’), a byproduct from making beer at Muskoka Brewery, is used as high energy feed for Jay’s cattle rather than going to landfill.

“The relationship between our brewery and a farmer like Jay is important and aligns with our core values of commitment to community and sustainability.”

Muskoka Brewery:

Raise a glass to perfect pairing & perfect partnership

Beef & Beer Pairing

Introducing Tread Lightly: a refreshing take on lagers, Tread Lightly is light-bodied without the sacrifice on flavour. With a grainy-sweet backdrop and soft fresh citrus notes, this lager finishes crisp and clean.

Food Pairings: Find ingredients with a citrus kick to complement the citrusy hop aroma, dishes with a salty presence or a spicy kick, like spicy beef noodle bowls.

Beef & Beer Pairing

Introducing Detour: An easy drinking, low alcohol sessionable ale packed with tons of tropical fruit notes, and a clean, semi-dry finish.

Food Pairings: Look for items with fresh flavours to highlight the beer’s fruit-forward notes. Items that create a sweet-yet-spicy combo that allows the hop bitterness to shine and elevate the spices, like a beef Thai salad.

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