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What’s for dinner? Tips for Meal Planning

Let’s face it, the idea of meal-planning sounds a bit boring and almost overwhelming! But really, it’s just a little forward-thinking to help reduce suppertime stress! For healthy, budget-wise eating, the time to think of what’s for dinner, is never 5 p.m!

Canadian beef’s a super-hero when it comes to meal planning – with cuts that simmer for hours or others that are ready in minutes. Whatever your schedule, beef has a solution – here’s how:

Liven-up Lunch: Think make-ahead! Cook a small Oven Roast while you have movie-night for multiple servings of thinly sliced rare-roast through the week. Try this Thai Roast Beef Salad.


House League Hockey: Make up and freeze Big Batch Ground Beef for easy assembly-meals on busy nights. Use it to top pizza or add to soups, sauces and casseroles.  Try this Beef Provolone Pizza.


Soccer at 6:00: Jump-start a stir-fry with leftover steak – why grill up 3 steaks when you can grill up 4 –slice up the spare next night for a stir-fry in a SNAP.  Try this Southwestern Steak & Kidney Beans.


The Run-around: On Errand or Work Day turn to your slow-cooker for a Pot Roast meal that simmers while you run! A large roast will give leftovers to next-day dinner.  Try our #1 recipe, Slow Cooker Southwestern Pulled Beef.

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School Parent Night: There’s enough stress in the house without being stressed about dinner! Leftover Pulled Beef Pot Roast morphs in minutes into yummy quesadillas.



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