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Meals for 1 or 2

Weeknight Beef Steak & Garlic Smashed Potatoes

There is nothing quite like a simple meal of barbecued beef steak with Caesar salad and potatoes. If you are budget-minded and can plan ahead, make this recipe with Beef Marinating Steaks and marinate for 8 to 12 hours.

BBQ Beef Steak with Saucy Mushrooms

Cook sliced onions with the mushrooms or add cooked bacon pieces for additional flavour to this steak recipe.

Zippy Western Beef Steak

Here’s a quick version of a slow-simmer recipe favourite. Combine Beef Fast-fry Steaks with chili sauce, add seasonings and veggies, and serve up a hearty meal in less than 20 minutes.

Port-Glazed Beef Steak with Poached Pear

YUM! Need we say more about this recipe? Beef Medallions are cut from traditional steaks, perfectly portioned to fit neatly on the plate. No need to cut them down to size to serve.

Autumn Beef Steak with Mulling Spices

Here’s a beef recipe that embraces the flavours of the harvest and pickling season.

Greek Beef Salad Wrap

Value-priced marinated beef steak becomes marvelous with the addition of Greek seasonings, feta cheese, Kalamata olives and a tangy salsa. Roll into a flour tortilla for the ultimate portable recipe.

Barbecued Beef Flank Steak “Parisienne”

This easy open-face beef sandwich recipe is a variation of the French classic baguette à l’échalottes.

Beef Tenderloin Steak Diane

This recipe for Beef Steak Diane is a steak-house classic that's an elegant dinner for two.

Middle Eastern Grilled Steak Pockets

For the healthiest version of this recipe, use whole wheat pita and lean beef cuts. The secret to tender marinating steak is to cook the beef only to medium and to slice it across the grain as thinly as possible.

Marinated Steak with Melted Onions on a Panini

A marinated steak sandwich is a fantastic option for dinner. Pair with a simple salad and dinner is ready. Step out of your steak-comfort zone and take the time to marinate value-priced steaks like Sirloin Tip or Inside Round Marinating Steak.

Ranchero Beef Steak

The sauce in this recipe goes well with any Canadian beef grilling or marinating steak. It is somewhat spicy and contains garden vegetables. For a milder taste, use half of the chipotle pepper.

Rush-Hour Roast Beef Dinner

Mini Beef Quick Roasts are beef roasts cut to weigh 1 lb (500 g) or less – just the right size for small families. This Rush-Hour Roast Beef dinner recipe gets a nutritious meal on the table quickly.

Caraway Roast Beef with Port Wine Sauce

Roast beef that's ready in just about 30 minutes – WOW! This small lean beef roast is BIG on flavour and just the right size for smaller families. Season with a quick rub and cook to medium doneness at most. To serve, carve across the grain into thin slices, like a Flank Steak. Be sure to allow the beef to rest before carving.

Herb Crusted Beef Petite Tender

Petite Tender can be cooked whole like a small tenderloin roast or cut cross-wise into filet-style steaks.

Grab-And-Go Tortillas

Believe it or not, roast beef is the perfect start to a speedy 'grab and go' meal like this one! Use a small Beef Oven Roast (try a Quick Roast such as Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip or Inside Round) or use a Grilling Steak instead if you like.

Canadian Beef Kabobs

A maple-y marinade recipe gives these beef kabobs a Canadian accent — even more so if you substitute Canadian whiskey for the orange juice.

Glazed Beef Kabobs with Easy Asian Eggplant

Here is an easy dine-in option that features your favourite take-out flavours. Make with Beef Kabob Cubes or your favourite Grilling Steak: Top Sirloin, Tenderloin, T-bone, Porterhouse, Rib, Rib Eye, Strip Loin, Wing or Tri-tip.

Beef and Orange Kabobs

Curry paste and orange combine to create a sweet and spicy beef recipe.

Port Glazed Beef Steak with Poached Pears and Blue Cheese

Live a little luxury with this special recipe for two, featuring Beef Grilling Medallions.

Steak and Berry Salad

More than just leafy greens, this beef steak salad recipe has substantial staying-power, built on economical Marinating Steak that’s been grilled and cut into thin slices.

Super Roast Beef Sandwich

Here's a great way to get an extra meal from leftover roast beef. For a do-it-yourself sandwich buffet, set out a platter of thinly sliced roast beef with condiments such as pepper jelly and Dijon, some crumbled or thinly sliced cheese and baby arugula. Even broken pecans or walnuts are a nice touch as a topping. Make sandwiches with Kaiser buns for a he-man style sandwich.

Mediterranean Panini

This meal-worthy sandwich is strong on nutrients thanks to lean Canadian beef. Substitute hummus or tzatziki sauce for the mayonnaise if you like.

Asian Beef Wraps

Wraps are all the rage; they’re fast, easy to make and filling. This beef wrap recipe can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Thai Beef Wraps

These wraps are bursting with fresh flavours and good-for-you lean beef and veggies. This recipe is the perfect sandwich option for the family reunion potluck or picnic in the park.