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Beef in a glass???

They’re calling it Saskatchewan’s favourite cocktail – the Cowboy Cocktail – beef as a garnish for this brine-y, spicy concoction. If you can’t find the Last Mountain Dill Pickle Vodka, use regular vodka and add a spash of dill pickle juice to the mix.

Be(ef) the first in your neighbourhood to give it a test-drive!

The Cowboy Caesar – Saskatchewan’s Greatest Cocktail

Rim a 16 oz cocktail glass with:

1 tbsp lime juice

1 tbsp ‘Be a Kitchen Hero’ Steak Seasoning


Add in the following order:

Ice cubes, to fill

1.5 ounces ‘Last Mountain’ Dill Pickle Vodka Splash Worchestershire sauce

Splash lime juice


Fill with:

Walter’s Caesar Mix or Clamato juice


To garnish:

Thread a long wooden skewer with a strip of cooked steak seasoned with the steak seasoning. Korean Short Ribs, flank steak or strip loin work well.

Thread another long skewer with a cherry tomato, wedge fresh lime, dill pickle and another cherry tomato.

Add a celery stalk with leaves. If the stalk is too short, secure the base to another short skewer.