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The language of love

If most of the knives in your household are steak knives, then chances are, you’re a beef lover! Celebrate your meaty passion with the romance of food! As Valentines is such a busy night at out at the restaurants, a relaxed dinner at home sure beats dinner out! Check out some of the beefy temptations we’ve got cooked up for you…


If there is just one recipe that you should commit to make, this is the one! Beef and wine is a match made in heaven. It is a culinary wonder how those 2 flavours magically mingle together to make this amazing French classic.

Steak with Port Sauce

A quick way to chef-up any recipe is to make a quick pan-sauce after you cook your steaks. Try port, sherry, red wine or cognac to add that level of sophistication you expect when dining out.

Beef Salad with Roasted Winter Strawberries

Strawberries in winter can often lack flavour. To unlock their full potential, try oven roasting before adding to the salad, or at the least, be sure to bring them to room temperature.


For love on a shoestring, this recipe takes advantage of budget priced thin-cut steaks that get all dressed up for Valentines. Bonus – this recipe looks fussy but is super-simple to make and cooks in minutes. Watch the Beef Bites video!

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