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The best of the basics from Make it Beef

It’s great to have chef-y type recipes that inspire you to cook, but sometimes we just crave simple foods to give comfort in our hectic day-to-day. We’ve had requests to get back to the basics with beef and we listen! Here’s a collection of the ‘tried and true’ favourites you’ve been asking for:

Mighty Meatloaf: As the weather begins to cool, it’s time to turn on the oven to make the kitchen cozy – and who doesn’t like a good meatloaf? As a ‘handy’ alternative, this one has a Mexican twist so you can slice and serve in taco shells for a fun hand-held dinner.

Cabbage Rolls Undone: Bet you’re wondering what to do with the big head of cabbage that’s hanging out in your fridge – after all – there is a limit to the amount of coleslaw you can eat! These ‘unrolled’ cabbage rolls will put it to good use.

Reliable Roast Beef: Canadian Living developed this roast beef classic using Canada Beef’s tried and true best ever roasting method. Developed in the lab and tested by home cooks to finesse it, try this roasting technique once and you’ll never look back.

Sustainable Soup: This hearty soup is sure to sustain you – and since it’s designed to use leftovers of stale bread and cooked roast or steak, it helps manage food waste and your precious time. And it’s made with a handy pantry ingredient – tomato juice which offers a hearty serving of vegetables.

Slow Cooker Stew: Whether made on the stove-top, in the oven or slow cooker, Julia Child nailed it when she popularized this French classic. Simple ingredients, simple prep and amazing results!