The Anna Olson Recipe Collection

Chef Anna Olson sure gets around – with a reputation built on food networks here and abroad in South-East Asia. She says she can’t walk down the street in the Philippines without someone stopping to talk to her. We’ve asked her to take Canadian Beef on her adventures by coming up with some recipes inspired by her travels.

Here are the delicious results:

Beef Goi Cuon Salad: As a mix of a braised dish with salad, this recipe is a good one for spring-timing: a nice break from traditional winter stews without quite yet being a summer garden salad.

Beef Kibbeh Sliders with Harissa Mayo: Now this is a REAL steak-burger, using a hand-minced Flat Iron Steak for a burger with bite and plenty of flavour. Don’t skip making the Harrisa Mayo as it is a real treat that you’ll be using to top just about everything!

Beef Kare Kare with Garlic Rice: This is a flavourful braise that’s a nice change from the standard stew. And you’ll love this simple technique to make plain rice more interesting! The street-food burrito idea is a fun way to serve it up if your hosting a crowd (the hockey playoffs perhaps?).

Moroccan Beef Tagine with Minted Couscous: Special enough for company, this big-batch stew and couscous combo is perfect for a scoop-and-serve dinner that can be done in the slow cooker. Who needs take-out when you can have this simmer while you work?