Beef Kare Kare with Garlic Rice

Chef Anna Olson: “I discovered Kare Kare on my very first trip to the Philippines. I loved the intense aroma and the richness of the sauce, and it inspired me to prepare it at home. If I’m looking for a more casual way to serve it, especially if I’ve made the dish the day before, I serve my Kare Kare beef as a burrito. Since this isn’t readily available here in Canada, I use paprika – it adds a nice colour and is very tasty without being spicy.”

Italian Beef Involtini with Rapini

Italian Beef Involtini with Rapini

Use thinly sliced Inside Round Steak that you tenderize on just one side. Look for these pre-cut thin steaks at the meat counter. Use jarred roasted red peppers for the roasted red pepper strips in the recipe as a shortcut.

Beef steak Pho

Beef Steak Pho (Noodle Soup)

Make with thinly sliced prime rib or strip loin steaks. You can make your own pho flavoured beef broth (see Tip) or buy ready-made. Serve the soup with hot sauce and soy sauce.

Beef Kibbeh Sliders with Harissa Mayo

Chef Anna Olson makes the take on these Middle-East inspired sliders interesting with a unique spice blend and texture that defines Kibbeh.  Soaked bulgur wheat added to the beef mix adds a crunch to the sliders. And, rather than making the sliders with ground beef, Flat Iron Steak is cut by hand to make the patties, giving them a ‘steak-y’ quality.

Beef Goi Cuon Salad

Chef Anna Olson developed this refreshing salad as inspired by the salad rolls that often start a Vietnamese meal.  Rice noodles are tossed with crunchy, colourful vegetables and peanut ginger dressing. The salad is made more substantial as the main meal by adding slow-simmered beef blade pot roast.  Bonus: Save the broth used to cook the pot roast to enjoy as the starter for a Pho soup.

All Family Big Batch Beef Chili

All Family Big Batch Beef Chili

Adapted from a recipe by Chef Jean-Francois Fortin of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, this chili makes a big pot – perfect for when you have the gang over or want to stock your freezer with speedy weeknight dinners. The seasoning is quite mild so if you want to spice it up, serve with some hot sauce or add ½ tsp chili pepper flakes while sautéing the seasonings.

Beef Wrapped Maple Parsnip Bites

Beef Wrapped Maple Parsnip Bites

This recipe takes advantage of making appetizer bites from leftover roast beef. The recipe is enough roast to make 4 to 6 main course servings as a roast one night, with enough left over to make 40 Bites to serve within 3 days.

Beef'N Blue Wagon Wheel Bites

Beef’n Blues Wagon Wheel Bites

Everyone loves puff pastry appetizers. These homemade appetizers will be a hit at your next party. What a great way to turn leftover Braised Beef Ribs Harvest Stew into a simple appetizer that can be made ahead and baked just before guests arrive.

Braised Beef Harvest Stew

Braised Beef Rib Harvest Stew

A warm and hearty way to prepare and serve beef short ribs. This delicious stew recipe is featured in this elegant appetizer called Beef'n Blues Wagon Wheel Bites.

Mediterranean Beef Brochettes

Mediterranean Beef Brochettes with Greek Tostada Bites

This Mediterranean marinated beef can be served as brochettes as a main meal. With enough leftover, you can pull together quick Greek Tostada Bites



Beef Blinis Bites

Beef Blinis Bites

This recipe makes 2 steaks so you can use one steak for a dinner for 1 or 2 people (e.g. make a steak sandwich or salad for 2 using some of the Jam in the dressing) and then use the reserved steak (and reserved Jam for an appetizer the next day with the Blinis).

Beef Short Ribs Sinigang

Beef Short Ribs Sinigang

This dish has a lovely fresh flavour from the mango and fresh tomatoes. Slightly exotic but made from basic ingredients. It is best to cut the short ribs into ¾ inch cubes when making as a starter course, but if making for the main, it is kind of nice to leave the short ribs in the big chunks as they come.

Beef Morcon

Beef Morcon and Slider Bites

Classic Beef Morcon is a special dish served in the Philippines during the holidays. The traditional dish is made using hot dogs, pickles, carrots and hard-boiled egg slices, rolled in thinly sliced beef.

Juniper Berry and Rosemary Petite Tender Beef Roast with Pea Purée

Juniper Berry and Rosemary Petite Tender Beef Roast with Pea Purée

This is an elegant starter course, or serve as a main for just 2 to 3 people. Chef Jean-Francois of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise uses dried pine needles instead of the rosemary as the chef’s cooking philosophy is all about local.

Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao and Crostini Beef Bites

Beef Salpicao is a quick, garlic beef dish prepared by simply marinating with some simple flavourful ingredients and then stir-fried for quick preparation.

Stuffed Mushroom Beef Bites

Stuffed Mushroom Beef Bites

This Bourguignon recipe makes about 4 cups, which is enough for 2 people if you set aside some to make Mushroom Beef Bites for a party. To serve as an elegant dinner, consider serving along a roasted Portabella mushroom cap. Top servings of Bites and/or Bourguignon with grated Parmesan and minced parsley.

Tex-Mex Beef Tacos

Tex-Mex Beef Tacos

Tacos are a great weekend night dinner solution.  Prepare the Big Batch Tex-Mex Beef recipe ahead and scoop out the amount of meat you need to make these tacos.  This beef mixture is also great lunchtime solution.  Pack 1/2 cup of the meat mixture into a microwave safe lunch container.  Pack the taco fixings.  At lunchtime, heat the beef mixture and assemble with taco fixings.

Big Batch Tex-Mex Beef - step #3

Big Batch Tex-Mex Beef

Cook up convenience when you buy bulk packs of ground beef and stash mixture in the freeze.  Use it in this fantastic Tex-Mex Beef Taco recipe or simply add a scoop to your favourite pasta sauce, chili or casserole. Dinner just got easier!

Beef Tri-tip ‘Sushi’ with Szechwan-style Sauce

A perfect recipe for oven roasted tri-tip or you can use any leftover cooked steak that you slice thinly. This recipe is our gift from Chef Clinton Zhu of Shanghai – using two options for Szechwan Sauce – Green Herb or Tahini-based. The original recipe has been adapted for home kitchens by the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence.  Chef Clinton created this for a special Canada 150 celebration at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.

Charred Sirloin Roll with Pickled Asparagus

Chef Mills of the Fairmont Royal York created these lovely light beef bites with oven-roasted beef Tri-tip, but the recipe would also serve well made with any leftover thinly sliced cooked steak. So delicious, you’ll be cooking up an extra steak next time you grill just so you can make these bites the next day – intentional leftovers! The original recipe was adapted to this version for home kitchens by the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence.

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