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Raquel Fox grew up in The Bahamas where she learned to love the nuances of traditional island cooking from her grandmother.  Always a seeker for knowledge, she attended international schools where she catalogued authentic family recipes from a melting pot of friends from all over the globe. Her passion for food and travel soon led to the establishment of Raquel and her husband’s restaurant, The Wine Lounge, which USA Today voted as one of the 10 Best Bahamian Lounges.

Raquel had a wider vision. After moving to Canada, she studied at The Chef School at George Brown College in Toronto, where she explored all aspects of cooking, food culture and international cuisine.She now teaches her own Caribbean Cooking Course at the college, in addition to attending events as a motivational speaker. Raquel is the author of Dining in Paradise, a media personality, and a Cityline Expert that also appears regularly on Breakfast Television Toronto.

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Sage Watson is from Medicine Hat, Alberta and was raised on a beef farm. She is an Olympic track and field athlete, making her first Olympic debut in 2016. Sage is excited to share her love for eating beef as part of a wholesome and well-rounded diet to increase performance and help with physical recovery.

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I am second generation Canadian/Chinese born in Calgary, both my parents immigrated to Canada about 40 years ago. My dad is from Hong Kong, China and my mother is from Guangdong, China.

My dad worked as a technician growing up, so he was always working late. My mom and grandmother took care of myself and my two older siblings. I learned how to cook from them, watching them in the kitchen prepare lavish Lunar New Year dinners with over 12+ dishes in one night.

As a child, one of my dreams was to one day host a big family dinner as food for me was not just about satisfying hunger – it was more about the experience that is created while eating it.

The more I learned how to cook authentic Chinese food, the prouder I was of my cultural upbringing and heritage. My goal is to inspire and educate others on Asian cooking and the nuances that have shaped my life.

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A native of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Emily began her food career at a very young age, learning to make bread and pasta at her grandmother’s knee. Food was the touchstone in Emily’s Southern Italian family, so no one was surprised when she opted to get her degree in Home Economics, specializing in Food and Nutrition and pursue culinary arts.

After a seven-year restaurant career, she joined Canadian Living Magazine’s Test Kitchen where she created and tested recipes for the magazine, cookbooks and television show. Emily also worked alongside Bonnie Stern for a number of years at her cooking school, in Toronto, assisting many world-renowned chefs and cookbook authors. Emily now spends much of her time creating recipes for cookbooks, webinars, cooking classes, food companies and marketing boards just to name a few.

Emily surrounds her life with food and family, whether it’s cooking at home for family and friends or virtually through online classes or recipe videos. The love for family and food is always there, which is part of her Italian family upbringing. “I live by a very simple philosophy,” says Emily. “Live, love, cook! I think these are the three most important ingredients to a full and happy life. My life is food and I want to invite everyone in to enjoy the experience.” Mangia bene, sempre! (Eat well, always)

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We are Andrew & Laurie Johnson of Johnson Livestock, a multi-generational Century farm. We work together with Andrew’s parents David and Anne Johnson and our children, Brielle and Malcolm McConnell, Maya, Desta & Indy.

For five generations JL has operated here on the original home quarter and surrounding land at Peebles, Saskatchewan. We have continued to work towards raising the best quality cattle for our family & customers. The agriculture industry inspires us and our goal is to show you the care that comes from a family run business.

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Thea VanHerwaarden announced herself to Canada’s culinary scene as runner-up on MasterChef Canada Season 4 and proved she was no one-hit-wonder with another second-place finish on MasterChef Canada Season 7 – All-Stars., Thea is the Founder of Theasty Corporation. Theasty focuses on recipe development and sharing Thea’s unique view of food and travel.

From Italian and Mexican cuisine – Thea’s specialities – to experimenting with flavours from across the globe, Thea’s curiosity for new flavours and food experiences make Thea one to watch in the Canadian food world.

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Christine is a city girl who moved to the country, fell in love with a farmer and became a beef rancher after being a vegetarian for 17 years. To record this monumental change, she began quality food sharing tales of life on the farm, her multicultural family and her passion for cooking with Canadian beef.

As an advocate, she wants people to know that beef is a healthy food that people know they can trust. The quality care Christine and other farmers put into raising beef results in a quality food that Canadians love.

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Fareen Jadavji-Jessa has been blogging over at Food Mamma (foodmamma.com) for over ten years. Her blog focuses on food, family, travel and lifestyle. While Fareen was born and raised in Calgary, her mom was born in Mumbai, India and her dad in Moshi, Tanzania. The food of her childhood reflected both Indian and East African dishes.

Food has always been an integral part, especially when it came to big family gatherings. She lives in Chestermere with her husband and her two sons.

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My name is Samuel Joubert and I am addicted to good food. It all started a long time ago but in a recap, I always wanted to note down my creations and take pictures of them. I must admit, I have a granny side that I assume. I love old rusted forks, table cloths that are torn apart and handmade plates with ducks on it.

I love adventure and trying new things, especially in the kitchen. French cuisine is my specialty and I absolutely can’t spend a week without eating cheese curds. Bon appétit and if I were you, I’d undo my belt right now …

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Phillip Walters is a culinary multi-hyphenate; a former head chef, current Private Chef, food stylist, and catering chef in boutique, private catered events. He specializes in both traditional and progressive cooking techniques.

His events are customized from top to bottom to serve the needs of his individual clients. Phil has catered private events for distinguished VIP’s all over the GTA, private parties in Muskoka and for high-end clients in the Arctic, as well as internationally in places like Turks and Caicos. Phil trained at Canada’s finest restaurants, including, Scaramouche, The Harbord Room, Momofuku, Buca, The Food Dudes and Joey.

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Tara is recipe developer and food photographer based in Toronto, Canada. After she got her bachelor in photography, she left her hometown Tehran to study culinary management in Toronto. She has years of experience in professional culinary environment and as a photographer. In past few years she focused more on recipe developing and food photography for different brands and well-known companies.

Her vision is to introduce Middle eastern, specifically traditional Persian flavours and cuisine to the world in her own way. Moreover, she loves developing recipes using what known as “Persian Ingredients” with a help of her professional culinary training and experience.

Recipes from the #MyCanadianbeef Advocate kitchen


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