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Sage Watson

Olympic Track and Field Athlete, Alberta

“I like to have steak before a competition because it gives me all the iron and vitamins I need. It’s also my favorite thing to eat and it’s comforting because that’s what I grew up eating”


Sage Watson is from Medicine Hat, Alberta and was raised on a beef farm. She is an Olympic track and field athlete, making her first Olympic debut in 2016. Sageis excited to share her love for eating beef as part of a wholesome and well-rounded diet to increase performance and help with physical recovery.


Sage Watson
September 12, 2021

Q: Where do you get your nutrition information, and how did you learn to eat well?

I learned to eat well mainly from my Mom and Dad. My family are cattle ranchers and my Mom always has a garden. Growing up we always ate very fresh, healthy whole foods – not a lot of ready-made stuff.

When I left home and was living on my own for the first time, my diet started to change, and not for the better. I had to learn how to cook in order to eat well when cooking for myself. It was all about going back to basics of how my family cooks and eats.

Q: Tell us about your experience with nutrition professionals through your training?

I use nutrition professionals as a resource, but I also found that understanding my own body and my own diet has had the biggest impact in terms of my performance. For me, one thing that works really well is actually having a lot of red meat in my diet.

Q: Is there anything you wish you knew more about when cooking with beef?

I love to cook. I especially love to cook beef. I feel that there are so many beef dishes I still have yet to learn. I’m going to start using Canada Beef’s RoundUp App to learn how to cook beef in different types of recipes, instead of the typical steak or hamburger I make.

The Roundup app is available for FREE on both Apple and Google stores. The app offers all things beef at your finger tips. Developed by the experts at Canada Beef, this comprehensive tool will help you know how to buy the right cut and cook it with confidence.

Q: What is your favourite memory while eating beef?

One of my favourite beef meal memories is every Friday night at my home in Medicine Hat, Alberta we like to do steak night. My Mom prepares the steaks by seasoning or marinating them all day and then my Dad will grill them to perfection. My Mom usually makes a tasty side as well. When dinner is ready, my family sits around the table and we just focus on having great conversations and interacting with each other over our delicious medium rare steaks.

Q: What is your favourite meal before a competition?

My favourite meal the night before a competition is actually a steak with either a baked potato, sweet potato or a side salad. I like to eat steak  before a competition because I feel it gives me all the iron and vitamins I need. It’s also my favourite thing to eat and it’s comforting because that’s what I grew up eating.

Q: What’s a typical day of training look like for you?

I wake up at 5 am, eat breakfast and then I head for practice that starts at 6 am. In the mornings we have weightlifting, I always make sure to get a quick breakfast in between before weightlifting and then after weightlifting, I eat a big breakfast. I usually take a nap, rest, do some physio. Then I will eat lunch and head to my second practice which is usually in the afternoon.

My second practice is at the track where I do some hurdling and running. After that, I make sure to do my rehab and prehab so that my body recovers properly. I always make sure to end with a good nutritious meal.

Q: Do you have any superstitions or rituals prior to a competition?

I always wear red lipstick. That’s what I’m known for, the runner who has the red lipstick on. Another one is that I always have an iced coffee on my way to the track

Q: Has your family always been ranchers?

My family has been on farms and ranches ever since they came to Canada. I am actually a sixth-generation Canadian. My Mom and Dad both grew up on farms and my Dad grew up always wanting to own his own cattle, so he was the one who got our family into ranching. Our family farm is called Watson Cattle.

Q: You’ve mentioned before that you want to go back to ranching. What about it draws you back?

What draws me back to ranching is just the family lifestyle aspect of it – it’s where I grew up and it’s what my family loves to do. A fond memory of mine is in the summertime, my family and I love to ride our horses into the pasture to check on the cows. It’s moments like these that are very special to me, and I hope to have those for my family.

Q: What’s your favourite chore on the ranch and why?

My favourite chore on the ranch is carrying buckets of grain. I love it because it is a core and arm workout, plus I am always challenging myself to see how far I can carry them.

Q: Have you ever done a race in your cowboy boots?

Yes, if by race you mean chasing cattle, then I’m racing cattle in my cowboy boots. Sometimes when we’re herding Dad asks me to jump off the horse and chase one down when they start going the wrong way. He knows I’m the fastest to do it! So; yes, I’ve definitely done a bit of racing and my cowboy boots.

Q: If you could only eat one cut of beef for the rest of your life, what would it be and how would you cook it?

It would be a T-bone steak because I enjoy eating the meat off the bone as it is the most tender. My Mom would first season it and then my Dad would grill it. That’s the order it goes in our house.


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