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Christine Lee-McNaughton

Farmer, Ontario

“Beef is a healthy food that people know they can trust. Our beef customers know the farmers who’ve raised the cattle and they know that the animals are treated well and fed well.”


Christine is a city girl who moved to the country, fell in love with a farmer and became a beef rancher after being a vegetarian for 17 years. To record this monumental change, she began sharing tales of life on the farm, her multicultural family and her passion for cooking with Canadian beef.


Christine Lee-McNaughton Interview
January 15, 2020

Q: Why do you think it’s important to share your farming stories with people?

I think sharing our farm stories is so important, because one of the goals in any conversation when it comes to our farm is to show others that we care about the very same things they care about. Of course, we want to share with others about the work we do and our practices, but the main thing is that just like other Canadians, we care about the environment, providing quality food, safety, health, sustainability, etc. These things are important to us. We care about using less water, fuel, soil, and we care about our livestock.

Q: This past year you’ve participated in the #MyCanadianBeef program with Canada Beef. Do you have any comments about your experience as part of this program?

Over the past year, participating in #MyCanadianBeef has been a great experience. We were able to connect with people who were genuinely interested in farming practices, our family farm, and learning about nutritional information of beef and trying new recipes.

Q: How do you handle the challenging questions about farming?

When it comes to dealing with challenging questions about farming, I always consult my husband and the team at Canada Beef before responding. Why? I work in social media and digital strategy and I know the value of a good team. I never want to give a response that is heated or not well backed up. I want to communicate in a way that is informative and open-minded, and to provide an opportunity for learning – on both sides. There are a lot of misunderstandings about farming, so I like to make sure to give the most accurate information.

Q: You are very active on social media, how do you think social has helped to tell your story?

Social media has enabled us to share our family’s farm story in an authentic and transparent way. Through sharing our stories, we can start important conversations, clarify misinformation, provide information and resources, as well as show people that just like them, we just want what is the best for our family too.

Q: Is your whole family involved on the farm?

Our entire family is involved on the farm. John does tend to the bulk of the farm work since I work off-farm (and on-farm), and our 12 year old daughter goes to school. We do help with farm chores, and each of us has an active role. Every season is busy on the farm — calving season, planting season, harvesting…and we all have to help out.

City girl moves to the country, falls in love, and marries a farmer. She tries to incorporate her city ways with her new country lifestyle and blogs to keep in touch with friends, family & students who live far, far away 🙂 Can this city girl go country? Watch as she learns all sorts of exciting things about life on the farm and in a small rural community…more

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