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Sirloin Salisbury Steak

Here’s a nice burger-type meal when you don’t feel like bundling up to go out to the grill. Serve this lean savoury sirloin dish with steamed mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Pan-Seared Beef Medallions with Simple Port Sauce

For a quick restaurant-steak experience at home, use thick-cut beef grilling medallions or tenderloin steaks, pan-seared and served with this simple sauce. You’ll be surprised that it’s so easy to do!

Easy Asian Beef Steak

This simple recipe allows the beef to tenderize and cook while you enjoy time with family or guests.

Classic Beef Swiss Steak

The rich beefy flavour of Blade Steak combines with zippy steak sauce to create this slow-simmer comfort food classic recipe.

Autumn Beef Steak with Mulling Spices

Here’s a beef recipe that embraces the flavours of the harvest and pickling season.

Pan-Seared Steak with Chili-Maple Sauce

Bistros serve up fancy foods fast at affordable prices. Bring the bistro home with this pan-seared steak featuring Bottom Sirloin Tri–tip – it tastes like a million but won’t break the bank.

Pan-Seared Beef Bavette with Chili-Maple Sauce

Bistros serve up fancy foods fast at affordable prices. Bring the bistro home with this pan-seared steak featuring Bottom Sirloin – it tastes like a million but won’t break the bank. Pan-searing is a technique that’s perfect for last-minute entertaining, requiring little effort and time to prepare and cook.

Coconut Beef Curry

It’s like take-out when you walk in the door — with no wait for delivery! This slow-cooker beef stew recipe is perfect for family meals yet fancy enough for entertaining.

Grilled Prime Rib Beef Roast for Two

A small prime rib beef roast can be grilled or roasted to perfection — even if cooked from frozen.

Barbecue-Style Braised Beef Brisket

Perfectly suited for a casual gathering, the Southern flavours of onion and sarsaparilla linger in this relaxed roast. Marinade ahead and then slow cook in the oven. It’s easy hands-off cooking!

Savoury Sunday Beef Roast

Nothing could be more simple or delicious than a savoury beef roast. This recipe provides a comforting dinner, plus roast beef leftovers offer many easy weekday meals.

Rush-Hour Roast Beef Dinner

Mini Beef Quick Roasts are beef roasts cut to weigh 1 lb (500 g) or less – just the right size for small families. This Rush-Hour Roast Beef dinner recipe gets a nutritious meal on the table quickly.

Slow-Cooker South-Western Pulled Beef

Pulled Beef is the perfect food for après ski, après skate and après snow shovelling -- and since it is done in the slow cooker, it is especially easy on the cook! Make a large roast so you get leftovers that can become several next-day lunch or dinner options -- try the Shepherd's Pie or Quesadillas (recipes at end of Pulled Beef recipe).

Pepper Rubbed Oven Roast Beef with Onion Purée

This delicious easy roast beef recipe comes with a sauce that is thickened with puréed onion instead of cornstarch or flour.

Hearty Beef and Maple Stew

With a hint of maple this delicious heart-warming beef stew recipe is sure to become a family favourite. Served with crusty bread, it’s a complete meal in a bowl.

Island Inspired Beef Stew

This beef stew recipe features undertones of cinnamon and ginger with a hint of heat.

Texas-Style Beef Brisket Sandwiches

This down-home favourite recipe for Texas-Style Beef Brisket Sandwiches uses hickory-flavoured barbecue sauce to add a rich, smoky flavour.

Slow-cooker Vietnamese Style Beef Pot Roast with Asian Slaw

This slow-cooker pot roast is definitely not of the "ho-hum" variety. Serve roast with the Asian Slaw and some jasmine rice or Asian noodles. For a next day meal, make a Vietnamese-style sandwich by layering some leftover beef and Asian Slaw atop a sliced toasted baguette. TO MAKE WITHOUT A SLOW COOKER: Cook the pot roast with the sauce in the Dutch oven pot, covered with tight fitting lid in a 325°F (160°C) oven for about 3 hours or until meat is fork tender.

Three-Tomato Beef Pot Roast

Consider the convenience of the slow cooking Beef Pot Roast recipe – it makes its own delicious sauce while cooking and can also be made a day ahead, re-warming nicely in its own gravy. Could there be an easier dinner for family or guests than this Three-Tomato Beef Pot Roast? “I would use this method again – loved the combo cook, simple to follow and delicious results!!” —Reader Comment

Slow Cooker Marvellous Mushroom Pot Roast

Pot roasts make the most comforting one-pot meals. And bonus – they’re so simple to make: Just brown meat and flavourings, add a liquid for cooking, cover and slow-simmer - that's all there is to it! “In terms of tenderness, I would give the roast 5 stars.” —Reader Comment

Greek Beef Pot Roast and More…

This slow-cooker beef recipe serves 4 to 6 with enough left over for delicious dinner options the next night.

Hearty Fall Beef Pot Roast Dinner

This hearty recipe is essentially dinner-in-a-pot, using an interesting mix of fall vegetables and Canadian Beef. Although it has a whole head of garlic, its flavour mellows during cooking.

Barbecue Beef Hand Pies

Reminiscent of Jamaican patties or Spanish empanadas, these hand-held pies are the perfect after-school snack, lunch or light dinner.

Summertime Slow-cooker Pulled Beef

The slow-cooker in summer is the perfect way to keep your kitchen cool. Use it to cook beef pot roast for amazing pulled beef that's great for topping buns or baked potatoes. Make ahead for the ultimate convenience.