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Beef Cheeseburger Mini Meat Loaves

Bring kids to the table with this recipe for Beef Cheeseburger Mini Meat Loaves. Kids love the fast food flavours. You love that they’re getting the goodness of lean Canadian beef. These cook much faster than regular meat loaf, bringing new meaning to the term fast food.

Classic Beef Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze

When it comes to comfort food, meat loaf is the perfect definition! It doesn't have to be fussy, but can take on some interesting twists with just a few embellishments. The key to good meat loaf is one that is moist and tender. Follow the basic recipe in our Step-by-Step Lessons to make our best meat loaf: Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze (as pictured). Marvellous meat loaf can be lean when made from lean or extra lean ground beef. Add finely shredded carrot and milk-soaked fresh bread crumbs to the meat loaf mix before cooking. These little secrets keep meat loaves moist and tender and also add a nutrient boost to the meal.

Harvest Meat Loaf

Whole wheat couscous, extra lean ground beef and tons of healthy veggies makes this meatloaf a complete and satisfying meal! If making it with baby in mind, brush the Glaze topping on just part of the meat loaf and skip the Worcestershire sauce – serve with a splash of Worcestershire and some chutney or red pepper jelly on the side to season for adults.

Mozzarella-Stuffed Mini Meat Loaves

Add a gooey, cheesy twist to these mini meat loaves. These mini meat loaves are sure to be a hit with everyone in your family.

Mexican Meat Loaf

You can serve slices of the meatloaf with rice or try serving in taco shells dressed with salsa and other taco toppings for fun. Any leftover meatloaf can be crumbled to use as a quesadilla filling or a tostado topping.

Meat Loaf with Herbs

This Anne Lindsay extra-lean ground beef recipe appears in the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada cookbook: Lighthearted at Home.

Mini Beef Meat Loaves

These mini meat loaves can be served hot from the oven or wrap each cooled loaf individually and freeze them for future fast meals – they heat from frozen in minutes. Children love this Mini Beef Meat Loaf recipe!

Muffin-Sized Pizza Beef Meat Loaves

The recipe for these little Muffin-Sized Pizza beef meat loaves are the perfect size and flavour for children’s meals – serve them with the Vegetable Sauce and some pasta to complete the meal.

Big Batch Mini Mexican Meat Loaves

Comfort food with a twist! This make-ahead big batch beef recipe takes the stress out of the weeknight rush. Just 10-12 minutes from the freezer and a delicious meal is on the table fast!

Classic Meat Loaf with Tomato Glaze

This traditional meat loaf recipe is oozing with flavour and is moist and tender–just like mom used to make. The tangy tomato glaze is what makes it a classic!

Heart-Shape Mini Meatloaves

Emily has been making these meatloaves since her kids were little. The kids would recognize Valentine’s Day as Love Day, and this was the perfect way to shape one of their favorite dishes into hearts. If you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, be sure to cut out hearts from potatoes and roast them to serve alongside.

Micro Meat Loaf

In this recipe the title “Micro” does mean small, however this meatloaf is also cooked in the microwave! The microwave is an amazing time-saving tool in the kitchen for steaming veggies, melting chocolate, and, in this case, baking personal-size meat loaves for 2.