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Backyard burgers done on the grill are so simple, yet so delicious!
Here is everything you need to know to make your backyard burgers the best they can be.

Get Ready

  1. LIGHTLY combine beef, bread crumbs, steak sauce, onion and egg.
  2. GENTLY form into four 3/4-inch (2 cm) thick patties.
  3. GRILL over medium-high heat for 10 to 14 minutes, turning twice, until digital rapid-read thermometer inserted sideways into centre of each patty reads 160°F (71°C).

* Don’t be shy when it comes to making your burger mix – some terrific add-in’s: Worcestershire sauce, miso paste, diced raw bacon, sautéed onion or shallot, grated aged cheddar, salsa — just open the fridge or pantry and see what inspires you


Common Cuts

Extra lean ground beef
Maximum fat content 10% (90% lean)

Lean ground beef
Maximum fat content 17% (83% lean)

Medium ground beef
Maximum fat content 23% (77% lean)

Regular ground beef
Maximum fat content 30% (70% lean)

Burgers are the #1 favourite food for the grill. Here’s what our testing taught us on what it takes to make them THE BEST they can be.

It’s all about the MEAT

When it comes down to patty greatness, you can’t beat the flavour of 100% Canadian beef. The options are Lean, Extra Lean or Medium – which do you choose? It’s up to you – if you are concerned about fat, then make the lean choice, but keep in mind, adding in an egg and bread crumbs helps keep these lean burgers moist and more flavourful. Try Medium for maximum flavour and juiciness. Do the taste test yourself next time to decide — we did! Keep in mind, that whichever type you choose, grilling burgers reduces total fat content by about 30% as the fat drips out as the patties cook.

Thumbs down to patty puffing

Burgers puff up as they cook and become a bit baseball like unless you make a thumbprint indent into the center of the patty before cooking. It comes down to physics – the burger crusts up at the edges first as it cooks, the center of the burger is expanding as it cooks and has no where to go but up. Here’s how to make your mark:

Cook using temperature

thermometer in burger

Use a digital instant read thermometer for burgers done best — cooking them to the right doneness — but not overdone — after all, we all want a juicy burger not a hockey puck on a bun! ‘Burgers Done at 71’ is the jingle to remember — cook your burgers to an internal temperature of 71°C (or 160°F).

Tips for Burgers

Cooks Notes:

Open for Options

  • Instead of dry bread crumbs you can use fresh bread crumbs, quick-cooking oatmeal or cooked bulgur or rice.
  • For the juiciest burgers, add ¼ cup shredded carrot, mushrooms or zucchini to the meat mix.

Mixing Matters

  • Mix and form ground beef patties using a light hand. Manhandling meat toughens patties.
  • Reluctant to make contact? Wear disposable plastic gloves or mix patty ingredients in a sealable freezer bag, BONUS – easy cleanup!

Patty Maker

  • Keep patties uniform thickness so they cook in about the same amount of time.

Clever Cook

  • Rub grill with oil before cooking to prevent sticking.
  • Grill in barbecue preheated to 400°F (200°C) with lid closed.

Cuts used with Burgers

Ground Beef Options

Maximum fat content 10% (90% lean)

Maximum fat content 17% (83% lean)

Maximum fat content 23% (77% lean)

Maximum fat content 30% (70% lean)

Burger recipes

Lettuce Wrapped Swiss & Bacon Burger with Barley SlawA gourmet burger recipe gets lightened up by using lettuce instead of a burger bun. Served with a fresh yet hearty coleslaw accented with barley, grainy mustard and fresh dill, this dinner will satisfy a hungry appetite. Easily transform this recipe into a gluten-free option by using cooked quinoa instead of the barley.
Cuban Picadillo Burger Rice BowlThe ever-popular rice bowl gets a new twist in this Latin-inspired version with its bold flavours and textures. This is a new way to think about the traditional ‘burger’ meal with the Cuban influence of olives, raisins and warm spices in the beef burger patty, lots of colourful veggies and NO bun!
Blended SlidersBeef and beans are a perfect match both nutritionally and flavour-wise in these delicious sliders! The protein from the beef and the fibre from the beans makes a dynamite combination that helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Both beef and beans provide iron – beef provides heme iron while beans provide non-heme iron.
Smashing BurgerThe Smashing Burger is a great way to enjoy burgers in the winter season without firing up the grill in the snow! Enjoy burgers that are extra crispy on the outside, while still juicy on the inside. Crispy is the key! Chef Mathieu Paré of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence shows Canadian Women's Hockey Player Haley Irwin how to make these Smashing Burgers at home.
Mini Inside-Out CheeseburgersThese yummy mini burgers, are just the right bite for our pint-sized burger fans or serve them up as sliders for appetizers.
So-Trendy Sirloin SlidersThese lean mini burgers are oven-baked for maximum juiciness and easy cooking . To make regular size burgers, form meat mixture into six 3/4-inch (2 cm) thick patties and grill over medium-high heat for 5 to 7 minutes per side.
Beef Kibbeh Sliders with Harissa MayoChef Anna Olson makes the take on these Middle-East inspired sliders interesting with a unique spice blend and texture that defines Kibbeh.  Soaked bulgur wheat added to the beef mix adds a crunch to the sliders. And, rather than making the sliders with ground beef, Flat Iron Steak is cut by hand to make the patties, giving them a ‘steak-y’ quality.
Lazy Mini Cheeseburger SlidersThis tasty hot sandwich is ready in under 30 minutes. These mini cheeseburger sliders will quickly become a weeknight winner.
Barbecoa-style BurgersThis burger recipe was inspired by a team of Mexican chefs that were hosted at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence. We recommend using Medium Ground Beef for best flavour. If using Lean or Extra Lean, add in a tablespoon or so of butter, cream or minced bacon to enhance flavour. Sauté the onion and garlic to incorporate into the patty better than if added uncooked.  If you can find Ancho Sauce in the grocery store, that can substitute for the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.
Sirloin Salisbury SteakHere’s a nice burger-type meal when you don’t feel like bundling up to go out to the grill. Serve this lean savoury sirloin dish with steamed mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes.
Mini Cheeseburger Beef SaladThis recipe makes kid-sized burgers with a veggies bonus. Lean Beef burgers deliver an excellent source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12 – not to mention flavour!
Indian-style Beef BurgerThis original and delicious Indian-inspired burger combines lightly spiced, curried ground beef and Canadian Feta. The whole is topped with a creamy yogurt and coriander based garnish and sandwiched between warm multi-grain buns. These juicy burgers are sure to be the star of your next barbecue.
The All-Canadian Beef Sirloin CheeseburgerThis boast-able burger represents the taste of the nation: Canadian quality beef, smoked Canadian Cheddar, back bacon and seasonings reminiscent of tourtière – OH Canada!
So Trendy Beef BurgersUp-to-the-minute ingredients featured in this recipe combine to transform beef burgers into haute cuisine.
Greek Goddess Inside Out Sirloin Beef BurgersSteak Burgers are packed with more flavour than just what’s on top! With fresh ground Round, Chuck or Sirloin from your local grocer, it’s easy to make these signature burgers at home.
Cocktail Hour Beef BurgerThis burger has all the trappings of a Caesar, without the vodka. Lean Beef burgers deliver an excellent source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12 – not to mention flavour!
International Beef BurgersChart a new course in burger flavours with these unusually tasty combinations. Start with the basic beef mixture recipe, add the suggested seasoning blends and toppings.
Muffletta-Style Inside Out Sirloin Beef BurgersWhen is something as delicious as sirloin steak not a sirloin steak? When it’s a sumptuous Sirloin Steak Burger of course! Steak Burgers are packed with more flavour than just what’s on top! With fresh ground Round, Chuck or Sirloin from your local grocer, it’s easy to make these signature burgers at home. The cheese here goes underground for easier grill management and burgers so delicious – from the inside OUT.
Warm Greek Sandwiches and Mini Beef BurgersHere's how to get a simple kid's meal and a more adventurous parent-meal from one basic recipe. Make up a flavourful ground beef base mixture and then split the batch in two — use one half for kid-friendly Mini Beef Burgers and the other half to make Warm Greek Sandwiches. While the beef burgers cook, the sandwiches are quickly pulled together.