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Check out these recipes on the Canadian Beef Information Gateway.

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Sid and Meredith learn all about grilling beef with grill masters Maddie and Kiki.

Introduction to
Charcoal Grilling

Maddi and Kiki show Adriana Zhang of CTV how to start a smoker.

Why the
Grill-her campaign

Maddi and Kiki talk about why they teach women how to grill.

Great appetizer

Maddi and Kiki show Adriana how to make Grilled Beef Bits.

Meet this year’s Alberta
TESA winners

The Wray family discuss their farming practices.

Canadian beef is your local beef.

Raised right here in each province across the country, quality Canadian beef is your homegrown beef.


By choosing Canadian beef you’re opting for quality beef you can trust.
Look for the maple leaf that says Canadian Beef to support rural communities in your backyard. Canadian beef is raised with pride by families who make raising healthy cattle responsibly a craft, they have honoured typically for generations.

Summer recipes at your fingertips

Looking for delicious and simple grilling ideas?
Try out one of these recipes featured on the NEW Canadian Beef Information Gateway. Learn about the cut of beef along with the recipe and video. Come back each month for a new set of recipes.

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Stories are at the heart of mealtime in Canada

It’s the stories told across the table when we dine together. Or the stories of the passionate people who raise our uniquely Canadian product. And it’s the stories we tell with our food, that give others a glimpse into who we are and where we come from.

#MyCanadianBeef: Meet Our Advocates, Hear Their Stories

Get inspired and tell your OWN Canadian beef story

Learn more about where Canadian beef comes from, and the care that goes into raising it. Explore new beef recipes from around the world and right here at home, or get all the latest tips and method for making your mealtimes something to talk about.

Quality care
= quality beef

The story of how our beef is raised, and why it matters so much.

Canadian beef
in world cuisine

Explore a world of stories and flavours. Go global!

Beef grading
and more..

Beef grading: your guide to quality beef.

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