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The Canadian Beef Information Gateway

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The first edition of the Gateway is designed to achieve three key objectives.


Grow consumer demand for the entire carcass

A significant portion of the value of the beef carcass is presently captured by sales of the most well-known cuts. These items are often sourced from the loin and rib primals that represent approximately 25% of the dressed carcass weight.

In fact, Canada Beef research shows that the majority of Canadian consumers (around 80%) purchase a few types of cuts over and over. A key objective of the Gateway is to grow domestic demand across the entire carcass by providing information on how to select, prepare and achieve an outstanding eating experience from less familiar beef products.

The Gateway will launch with information on approximately 75 cuts divided into four beef product categories – roasts, steaks, roasts and other products.


Appeal to a new generation of consumers

While ownership of smartphones is significant across all age groups in Canada, they are particularly important to younger Canadians. The ability to scan QR or UPC codes with a mobile device offers a unique opportunity to share beef information with a younger and digitally engaged audience.  It is these same age groups that often have less experience cooking beef at home.

As many stores have moved away from permitting traditional printed resources (such as recipe booklets) at the meat counter, the use of the internet is increasingly essential. Scannable codes allow access to beef related information at the point of purchase as well as other key time points such as during meal preparation.

The way in which consumers shop, especially for younger demographics,  is also changing with more on-line ordering and home delivery.  The Gateway provides the Canadian industry with a digital asset library  to support beef sales through e-commerce.


Enhance consumer satisfaction with Canadian Beef

It is no secret that videos are the most popular choice for information consumption online. When it comes to communicating techniques for cooking beef a picture can truly be worth a thousand words.

With that in mind the Gateway is launching with approximately 300 recipes to help Canadians get the very best beef cooking and eating experience from a wider variety of cuts.

Each recipe has a” hands-in-pans” video providing detailed ingredient and equipment lists along with cook along video instructions.

Our collection is continuing to grow and the Gateway will be the most comprehensive source of information for consumers looking to learn more about Canadian beef.

Coming Soon

New Gateway features under development.


Diet and Wellness Program

The Public Health Agency of Canada has estimated that 44% of Canadians 20 years and older have at least one of ten common chronic health conditions1, many of which benefit from diet and lifestyle changes.  Others will experience periods of time when special nutrient requirements exist, such as during pregnancy. The Gateway’s Diet and Wellness program will enable Canadian consumers with diet concerns to access beef recipes and meal solutions that are safe and suitable to their particular dietary needs. Users of the program can search according to common medical conditions or specific nutrients of interest and find recipes that align with the dietary modifications they require. The development of the program is being done in partnership with an Expert Advisory group to ensure it is aligned with the best available science.

1. Public Health Agency of Canada, 2019


Gateway Producer Brand Showcase

Canadian beef producers are developing their own brands of beef and there is an opportunity for the Gateway to provide support.

Participating producer brands will be able to leverage the Gateway through a customized QR code they can place on packaging and signage.

The brand will also be placed in a on-line directory organized by province to help increase awareness and grow sales.


Gateway World Cuisine Recipe Collection

The 2016 Census data produced by Statistics Canada provides an important perspective on Canada’s diversity with more than 250 different ethnic origins or ancestries being reported. The census data also found that 21.9% of the population was born outside Canada – the highest proportion since the 1921 Census1. The Gateway World Cuisine recipe collection will be inspired by Canada’s multi-cultural tradition with goal of introducing all Canadian’s to new and existing ways of preparing beef.

1. 2016 Census – Statistics Canada

Ready to be inspired?

The Gateway provides recipes accompanied with instructional videos, cooking methods, nutrition information, and more to support an outstanding beef experience. Check out the video to learn more.

So how does the Canadian Beef Information Gateway work?

Consumers will scan a QR Code in-store or at-home and then follow these 3 easy steps to cook and enjoy Canadian beef at it’s best.


From this main menu, you will be able to choose which beef cut category you are interested in cooking.


Within each cut category you can explore the following:

  • Select from a variety of beef cuts per beef category
  • Multiple recipes per beef cut
  • Each recipe features an easy to follow video
  • Two different cooking method options per beef cut
  • Nutrition about each beef cut as well as recipes
  • Food safety and Canadian beef grading information


Enjoy the inspired meal you have created and so much more..

  • Select recipes that serve 4 or a crowd
  • Do you want leftovers? We’ve got you covered with tips and ideas
  • Each recipe provides tips and techniques
  • Coming soon - a selection of side dish recipes
  • Coming soon - over 10 different recipe collections

Shopping Methods

COMING SOON – Shoppers will be able to find the Canadian Beef Information Gateway QR Codes in a variety of locations.


Full Service – Try the QR Code at the beef counter on window clings or tent cards with take-away cards. Make sure to grab a card to use at home.


Self-Serve – Try out one of the codes by scanning a shelf dangler or shelf divider.


Look for the QR Code on your local retailer flyers and ads.


Look for the QR Code on a package of beef. The QR Code is unique for that cut of beef.


Make sure to follow Canada Beef on all of our social pages and look for the QR Code to learn more about this program.

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