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Marinade Marvels for Marinating Steaks

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Marinade Marvels for Marinating Steaks

  • Prep Time: 15
  • Total Time: 15



Combine marinade ingredients in a resealable plastic bag. Reserve some marinade (before marinating) to use as basting and/or dipping sauce. OR, if you like, blend some reserved marinade into bottled vinaigrette dressing to dress greens for a steak-and-salad combo that’s a matched set. These recipes make enough marinade for a least 1 to 2 lb (500 g to 1 kg) of steak.

Mucho Mexican

Combine 1/2 cup steak sauce, 1/4 cup EACH vegetable oil and pizza sauce, 1 tbsp minced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and 1 green oinion, sliced.

Teriyaki Temptation

Combine 1/4 cup EACH Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce, 1 tbsp EACH rice vinegar and vegetable oil, 1 tsp EACH liquid honey, garlic powder and sesame oil, 1/2 tsp ground ginger and 1 green onion sliced.

Britain’s Best

Combine 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce, 2 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 tbsp EACH chopped fresh chives or parsley, prepared horseradish and grainy mustard, 2 cloves garlic, minced and 1/4 tsp pepper.

Jamaican Jump Up

Combine 1/4 cup EACH steak sauce and strong-brewed coffee, 3 tbsp EACH balsamic vinegar and dark rum, 2 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 tbsp EACH minced gingerroot and fresh thyme, 2 cloves garlic, minced, 1/2 tsp ground allspice and 1/4 tsp EACH sea salt and pepper.