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Canada Beef
Annual Report

Canada Beef provides market development and promotion services to the
Canadian beef and veal industry. A division of the Canadian Beef Cattle
Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency, Canada Beef is funded
by cattle producer check-off, import levy and Federal and Provincial
Government industry development funds. Canada Beef is responsible for the
delivery of domestic and international market development and promotion
through offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Taiwan.

Fact Sheets

Get the most up-to-date information on how the Canadian beef industry is talking about thorny issues or important topics that consumers want to know about.

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Canada Beef Marketing Library

We invite you to explore the Canada Beef Marketing Library – designed to inspire and assist you in your efforts to tell a powerful Canadian beef story. You will find creative examples, innovative visuals, images and artwork here for your work.

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Our Friends | Industry Links

A League of our own.

At the core of Canada Beef’s strategy is the need to unite the beef industry, leveraging the diversity of each province. By uniting under a single brand, our industry is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Brand Story

We put the best of Canada into our beef.
Discover our Brand Story.

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Bragging Rights


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How we are funded.

The national check-off

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Global Market Intelligence Report

A news report on Beef and the Canadian Beef Market, produced by Canada Beef.

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Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence Brochure

The Canadian Beef Center of Excellence promises to bring a level of sophistication in training, education and connectivity with clients and markets unlike anything else in the industry. Consider it your unique place of creativity and connectivity working to drive meaningful results.

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Cuts By Colour

No matter how you slice it, beef is a staple on menus across Canada.

Below you’ll find a list of the most popular cuts found in foodservice today.

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Canada Beef Cuts by Color

Our YouTube Channel

Canadian Beef videos produced by Canada Beef.

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Real. The One & Only Beef.

The One & Only Beef is a new point-of-purchase merchandising kit that’s beef proud,
with statements that help you declare that beef is irreplaceable!

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