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Providing chefs and other foodservice professionals with current and authentic information about the world of Canadian beef.

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Processing & Packaging

Quality & Value adding processes
Muscle Applications

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Menu Engineering

Maximize your most valuable ‘real estate’.

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Join the Conversation!

Food professionals, industry staff and us…create a profile and Join the Conversation today!

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Global Market Intelligence Report

A global view and news report on Beef and the Canadian Beef Market, produced by Canada Beef.

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Canada Beef Trade Headlines

Read the latest headlines and news links on Beef and the Canadian Beef Market, produced by Canada Beef.

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Best Practices Foodservice

The 3 C’s of Food Safety
Receiving Procedures
Product Rotation

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Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence

Canada Beef Marketing Library

designed to inspire and assist you in your efforts to tell a powerful Canadian beef story.

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Canada Beef Marketing Library

Brand Storybook

We put the best of Canada into our beef.

Learn more about what makes us remarkable and how we go about doing what we do.

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Technical Book

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Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence Brochure

” The Canadian Beef Center of Excellence promises to bring a level of sophistication in training, education and connectivity with clients and markets unlike anything else in the industry. Consider it your unique place of creativity and connectivity working to drive meaningful results. ”

Rob Meijer – President & VP Marketing and Business Development, Canada Beef
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