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If you like the Food Channel,
don’t miss an episode of CDN Beef TV!

If you like the Food Channel, don’t miss an episode of CDN Beef TV! We are providing content that will provide you, consumers with the best available guidance on how to prepare and enjoy beef products.

Canada Beef will be working with some of Canada’s leading scientific experts and industry professionals to examine common issues and provide enhanced recommendations on how to prepare and cook beef. This Information will be presented in short three-minute CDN Beef TV episodes in a fun and informative way for you to enjoy! To ensure you benefit from the best research, they will be produced by the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence in collaboration with our Expert Advisory on Beef Quality.

Episode 2 – Cooking Steaks with Exterior Fat

In this episode the Culinary Centre explore how cooking a steak with fat attached might lead to a better eating experience. Watch now.

Episode 1 – How to Prevent Steak Curling

In this episode the culinary centre explore why is this important and what is the impact of a steak that curls. Watch now.

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No matter how you slice it, beef is a staple on menus across Canada. Below you’ll find a list of the most popular cuts found in foodservice today.

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