So-Trendy Sirloin Sliders - Canadian Beef | Canada Beef
So-Trendy Sirloin Sliders

So-Trendy Sirloin Sliders

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So-Trendy Sirloin Sliders

So-Trendy Sirloin Sliders

  • Prep Time: 60
  • Cook Time: 25
  • Total Time: 125
  • Serving: 23


pkg (14g) dried porcini mushrooms

(15 mL) olive oil

cloves garlic (unpeeled)

lbs (750 g) lean ground beef sirloin

(15 mL) finely chopped fresh tarragon

(5 mL) salt

(2 mL) pepper

dinner rolls, split in half horizontally

arugula leaves

(75 g) soft goat cheese or feta cheese crumbled

cherry tomatoes, sliced


Combine porcini mushrooms with 1 cup (250 mL) boiling water, let stand for 20 minutes. Drain and rinse, chop finely and set aside.

Heat oil in small skillet over medium heat. Add garlic, cook stirring often for about 10 minutes or until softened and skins are golden. Remove from skillet, let cool slightly. Squeeze garlic out of skins into large bowl, mashing with back of spoon. Add mushrooms, beef, tarragon, salt and pepper, lightly combine.

Cook in 375 F (190 C) oven, turning twice, until digital thermometer inserted sideways into centre of several patties reads 160 F (71 C), about 25 minutes.

Place arugula on bottom half of each bun, top each with cooked patty, goat cheese, 3 tomato slices and bun top.

Makes 23 mini burgers