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Canada Beef recently launched its annual report detailing the organization’s activities and accomplishments for the past year. The 32-page report features a comprehensive overview of export market activities, the Centre of Beef Excellence, consumer marketing and business development in Canada. It also features a COVID-19 update, market performance data and a financial overview. Read More

CBII China presented a Canadian beef menu engineering workshop to the purchasing team from Fengmao Barbecue Shanghai. Read More

The Canada Beef Latin America and Mexico Team (LATAM) partnered with El Florido Carnes y Abarrotes, a major retailer in Baja California, in a 3-month campaign to promote and drive sales of their Canadian shoulder clod “Rancho del Tío” at 37 stores located in Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito, Tecate and Mexical. Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted supply chains around the world including those for beef and pork. The Canadian meat industry has implemented a broad range of safeguards that have enabled the industry to re-establish production to essentially normal levels. Read More

Right now, life looks a little different; but it is the little moments that make up our story. Share something special with those you love. Read More

The CBCE is positioning itself as the premier destination for technical video resource development within the Canadian beef industry to meet the growing need for online and virtual training and promotional tools. Read More

Tim Horton’s launched their new “Craveables” sandwich featuring 100% Canadian beef. The new roast beef sandwich will be featured in TV ads nationally from September 21 – October 30 and is intended to be a permanent menu option. Recognizing that the 100% Canadian Beef message resonates with consumers, the sandwich was developed by Tim Horton’s culinary team and the beef supplier. Read More

It’s important to have up-to-date information when making decisions for your day-to-day operations or long term plans for your business. Canada Beef provides key industry information and statistics on the website Read More

Export market update from Stats Canada. Read More

Michael Young, President of Canada Beef served as one of three judges at Ontario’s Finest Butcher competition held in Toronto on September 14. Read More

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