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Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence

The Consumer Canadian Beef Culinary Kitchen recently underwent renovations. These were conducted to facilitate enhanced communications with you, our consumers and the many Canadians who are employed by the beef sector.

A new consumer studio has been developed to allow a dedicated focus on productions such as developing episodes for CDN Beef TV and creating content for online resources such as our new online course dedicated to oven roasting. These tools will help to ensure you have a great beef eating experience every time you cook delicious quality Canadian beef.

Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence

Consumer Culinary Kitchen

Recent renovations at the centre of excellence included a dedicate kitchen for recipe development for Canadian consumers. This kitchen provides a collaborative space for the culinary team to work with chefs, home economists and influencers.

Culinary Video and Photo Shoots

Canada Beef has created a state of the art inhouse photo and AV video production studio allowing the team to create delicious beef recipe photos and how to cook videos which are featured on Canada Beef’s websites.

Production Studio

The culinary team has created a dedicated production studio allowing for inhouse editing and creation of recipe, butchery videos as well as CDN Beef TV episodes.


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Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence

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