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Ground beef is a foundational food for Canadian consumers. It’s the most popular red meat purchased for cooking at home in Canada and is an important component of beef sales. We also know that its reputation has been challenged by threats from Health Canada’s proposed front-of-package labelling requirements as well as the association with ‘fast-food meals’ as ‘junk food’ and unfair claim comparisons by branded poultry grinds and simulated grind products in their new product launches. Read More

Canada Beef launched an export market development (EMD) program last year; the goal of this program is to stimulate market development activities and grow market segments in order to increase Canadian beef in the export marketplace. Read More

According to Travel Trends Reports for 2021, the Mexican Caribbean tops the places where travellers are already showing a strong interest in medium and long-distance travel. Read More

Digital platforms have become a widely-used source of information, especially during the pandemic as people rely on the internet and social media to stay connected. Canada Beef Taiwan launched official its website in 2015 and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) in May 2020. Read More

Europe continues to emerge as a promising market for premium Canadian beef with year-to-date sales as of September doubling from the same period last year. Read More

The Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC) show lived up to the “innovation” in its name this year by hosting its first virtual trade show and conference November 24 - 26. Read More

Who needs the traditional fire log video on your TV when you can watch the Festive Canadian Beef Rotisserie log? Sit back and let your taste buds engage while watching this delicious prime rib roast rotate before your eyes. Read More

Export market update from Stats Canada. Read More

Beef Wellington is a show-stopper. Read More

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