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We talk a lot about using influencers to convey Canada Beef’s message. Influencers create content and use their platforms to share information they think is of interest to their audience. Third-party Influencers can help build brand credibility by sharing their thoughts and opinions about your product with their audience. Read More

The digital marketing strategy developed by Canada Beef International Institute (CBII) Japan is designed to achieve program goals by using an array of online platforms and resources. Read More

Retail promotion is a key strategy for increasing public awareness of Canadian beef brands, resulting in expanded sales volume and market share. Read More

The rise in the popularity of live cooking shows and webinars is a gamechanger in the way that foodservice engagement, consumer education, and targeted product promotions are evolving to respond to changing demographics and customer preferences. Read More

With a dizzying array of social media platforms now in play, some pundits have predicted the end of email marketing programs. Read More

The Channel Marketing team supports Canadian retailers—from small, local independents to multi-unit grocery stores—with programs to inspire and encourage Canadian beef promotion at the meat case. Read More

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) is focused on innovation, training, education and developing culinary expertise relative to utilization of Canadian beef and Canadian Veal. While the Centre facilitates in-person training opportunities for industry and stakeholders, the team also recognized that there was interest in online learning. Read More

Canada Beef reviews beef industry news from around the world and shares it at Carefully curated, these important linked headlines provide readers with an up-to-date look at the industry news. Read More

Export market update from Stats Canada. Read More

Canada Beef is pleased to announce the appointment of Rod Koning to the position of Executive Director, Channel Marketing for Canada Beef. Read More

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