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Food consumption data for 2020 released by Statistics Canada this week showed that beef held its own last year, even as overall per capita consumption of red meat and poultry slipped under pandemic pressures. Read More

As part of our ongoing commitment to addressing concerns and building trust and confidence in how Canadian beef is raised, Canada Beef, the Beef Farmers of Ontario, and Public and Stakeholder Engagement partnered with Media Planet to create a media campaign called ‘The Untold Stories of Canadian Beef’. Read More

The European Union (EU) is an emerging export market for the Canadian beef industry although there are a limited number of suppliers in Canada presently exporting to the EU. Read More

Canada Beef recently won several prestigious awards for the marketing campaign, “The One & Only Beef.” Canada Beef brought home two Hermes awards - a Platinum award in the Integrated Marketing Campaign category and a Gold award in the Interactive Capabilities category. Read More

Seasonal holidays present an opportunity to engage with customers. In the face of COVID-19 (or perhaps because of it) Mother’s Day has become even more special and “spend-worthy.” Read More

Japanese beef consumption remains relatively steady compared with the previous year. Canadian beef sales volume has been growing at retail. Read More

Canadian Beef International Institute (CBII) China partnered with Marae Limited in Hong Kong to support their Canadian chilled beef promotion in four of their premium supermarkets April 2 – 15. Marae operates a diversified food retail business with 10 stores in supermarkets or new-concept food markets in large shopping malls and city centres. Read More

Find trade headlines, market intelligence and market updates, trade reports and export statistics. Read More

Leveraging a unique understanding of Canadian beef products, the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) pivoted to become a producer of multi-media resources aimed at supporting trade and consumer users during the pandemic. Read More

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