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Taste of Canada in Germany Marketing Campaign
The European Union (EU) is an emerging export market for the Canadian beef industry although there are a limited number of suppliers in Canada presently exporting to the EU. Under the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), Canada has duty-free access for 50,000 MT of Canadian beef (includes 35,000 MT fresh/chilled and 15,000 MT frozen). An additional 14,950 MT can be imported and shared with the U.S. duty-free under the Hilton quota.

Producers and feedlot operators must meet specific production requirements for cattle used to produce beef for export to the EU. These components are part of the Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for Export of Beef to the EU. The establishment where the cattle are harvested and processed must also be approved for export to the EU by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and follow additional processing guidelines specific to this market.

Canadian beef exports to the EU in 2020 were 835 MT with a value of $14.25 million (up 82% in volume from 460 MT in 2019). Although one of the higher value markets for Canadian beef, this represents a very small percentage of the available duty-free access quota for Canadian beef to the EU under the CETA. Limitations on Canadian beef supply, additional export requirements for the EU, competition from other suppliers and lack of knowledge about Canadian beef in the EU have all hindered Canada’s ability to take greater advantage of the improved access under the CETA.

One of Canada Beef’s strategies for the EU market is to raise the awareness of Canadian beef and direct potential buyers to where they can purchase our products. One project under this strategy is Canada Beef’s partnership with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Germany under the Taste of Canada Germany marketing campaign. Taste of Canada Germany is an initiative designed to inform German consumers about Canadian cuisine and typical Canadian food products available for purchase in Germany. The campaign consists of both a German-language website and posts on social media channels including articles on Canadian cuisine, recipes and more.

Germany is the largest country in the EU with a population of over 83 million. Canadian beef is a premium food product in Germany and is not available in most retail stores or restaurants. Canadian beef is imported to Germany via specialty wholesalers/distributors and primarily sold at fine restaurants, selected meat shops and online stores. Aligning with Canada Beef’s strategy for the EU, Canada Beef commissioned a section of the Taste of Canada Germany website that highlights the main attributes of Canadian beef and lists the retailers, online shops and restaurants carrying Canadian beef in Germany. This information will be updated as more vendors that offer Canadian beef are identified and added. Regular social media posts including Canadian beef recipes and other information to drive potential consumers to outlets where Canadian beef is available for purchase are also included in this initiative. Canada Beef is committed to participation in this campaign until at least March 2022.
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