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Canadian beef foodservice promotion at Moorigins
Canada Beef International Institute (CBII) China partnered with Moorigins Steak to launch a Canadian beef promotion and media campaign to support the opening of a new location in Lanzhou in the northwest part of China. Moorigins Steak is a restaurant brand focused on imported high-quality steak with 20-plus locations across China. Their restaurant model is to allow customers to choose the steak they want from a display and then the kitchen grills the steak and serves it with other side dishes. Founded in 2016, they are long-time partners of CBII.

The promotion ran from January 22 to February 28 with activities that included a discount on regular prices, coupons for future use and member rewards for guests during the promotion.

To support the Canadian beef promotion at the new location in a popular shopping mall, CBII worked with Moorigins to launch a media and promotional campaign including point-of-sale materials, social media and influencer posts with the social media campaign achieving over 1.9 million views.

Moorigins sold more than 13,000 steak servings (almost three tonnes of Canadian beef) from this one new location during the promotion.

The promotion provided a great opportunity to expand awareness of Canadian beef in the northwest area and to support Canadian beef sales at a new restaurant location of this valued Canada Beef partner.

COVID-19 updates
The Omicron outbreak in China over the past two months has hit a two-year high in terms of the number of provinces affected and the economic size of related cities. Local governments are trying to balance economic development and people's livelihood while putting effective safety measures in place. Some of the most affected cities (such as Shanghai and Shenzhen) have yet to adopt partial or total lockdown policies. Local prevention and travel control measures have become stricter and the movement of people across cities and regions has decreased. In the short term, the latest outbreak will have an impact on the economy, especially on tourism and catering sales which have declined significantly.

Hong Kong's fifth wave of COVID-19 is still ongoing, but the number of confirmed cases continues to decline. While maintaining the strict social distancing policy, the government has lifted flight bans for some countries, and reduced quarantine days for overseas travellers. It also plans to gradually lift social distancing measures including restrictions on foodservice. As the severity of the fifth wave has had a major impact on the local economy, the government plans to launch a coupon program in April to distribute coupons to Hong Kong residents to boost local consumption once the outbreak abates.
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