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The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) is open for business following the successful completion of the renovations and technology upgrades to the facility.

The newly redesigned CBCE features state-of-the-art audio-visual and communications equipment to support Canadian beef digital resource development, technical demonstrations and interactive conferencing capabilities from its enhanced boardroom and three multimedia studios: Consumer Culinary, Commercial Culinary and Meat Cutting.

In addition to supporting many Canada Beef programs with digital content, these updates allow CBCE to reach a wider audience via digital resource distribution and virtual presentations with fewer logistical challenges.

The CBCE has been an essential resource for Canada Beef since its opening as an innovative teaching/training demonstration theatre and meeting hub in 2015. The drive to develop programming to meet current needs would see the CBCE reach beyond in-person demonstrations to take on the crucial role of creating digital content for use across many programs and platforms.

The renovation took place over several months, with work completed in the conference room, consumer kitchen (now the Consumer Culinary Studio), commercial kitchen (now the Commercial Culinary Studio), the meat fabrication lab (now the Meat Cutting Studio) and studio control room.

The CBCE continues to be a place for industry partners and stakeholders to meet in person. The renovated boardroom allows greater engagement of participants with the CBCE Meat Cutting Studio and has been fitted with new audio/visual capabilities to facilitate high-quality interactive webinar productions.

The capacity for live presentations is approximately 20 people. The CBCE offers a place to learn about the Canadian Beef Advantage, discover product attributes, see live demonstrations of butchery and culinary applications, and work hands-on in new product development. These live sessions can also be broadcast to a wider audience, allowing partners to share these presentations across their organization.

The Consumer Culinary Studio is also now equipped to serve as a studio space to permit industry partners to create their own content through a CBCE-administered partner program process.

Today’s CBCE can live-stream custom Canadian beef content to suppliers, customers and partners and create digital content to support trade and consumer marketing programs. The CBCE provides merchandising solutions for retail and foodservice operators, delivers new and exciting eating experiences to customers and consumers, and inspires future industry professionals to seek involvement in the Canadian beef industry.
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