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CanCham 14th Annual Maple Leaf Charity Ball
Canada Beef International Institute (CBII) China was the menu sponsor for 14th annual Maple Leaf Charity Ball hosted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) held in Shanghai on September 11. The event included more than 250 guests including government officials, association representative leaders, local commercial partners, media and a number of Canadian beef retail partners. The Canadian Ambassador to China, Mr. Dominic Barton and the British Ambassador to China, Ms. Caroline Elizabeth Wilson also attended the event.

The theme of the charity ball was “Enchanted Forest” and the décor showcased beautiful expanses of nature. The main course was Canadian beef tenderloin—also highlighted as a gift from nature.

The Canadian Beef brand logo was prominently displayed on the main stage and menu booklet and images of the logo reached more than 1,000 hits on various social media posts before and after the event.

COVID-19 updates
China's economic growth outlook remains stable despite a slowdown in the pace of global economic recovery. International agencies also remain optimistic about China's economic growth forecasts, forecasting GDP growth between 8.2% and 8.5% this year. Beef demand continues to be high even as the production capacity of domestic beef cattle has been constrained. As the imports from some countries are blocked or reduced, beef prices are expected to continue to rise for the remainder of 2021, especially during the high season for beef consumption begins.

Hong Kong's strong recovery continued with help from increasing local demand. Local consumption is expected to continue to grow the remainder of 2021, supported by the government's e-coupon consumption scheme. Offline retail sales growth is challenged and has decreased 30-40% compared with sales during the pandemic period while food service continues to recover thanks to the vaccination program and the well-controlled pandemic in Hong Kong.

TAIWAN update
The Diner Taiwan is a western-style restaurant established in 2006 and they are the pioneer of the “all-day brunch” trend in Taiwan. The Diner currently operates four restaurants throughout Taiwan with a new outlet opening at the end of 2021. Since May, they have been using Canadian beef for their burgers. The frozen burger patties, made by a Canadian beef importer, are pre-made using 100% Canadian chuck tender.

The Diner ran a promotion to promote the Canadian beef burger for four months from July to October 2021. Pandemic restrictions didn’t allow dine-in service for the first two months (only takeout was available) of the promotion so the focus was on online promotion with daily image captures and weekly social media posts highlighting the fact that their burgers were made with Canadian beef.

The Diner also has its own online shopping/ordering site (click here to visit) where consumers can purchase a number of their key products to cook at home including the frozen Canadian beef patties used in their burgers.

Samples of the Canadian beef burger patties were sent to key influencers to further extend the social media reach. Canada Beef Taiwan’s Instagram page included posts on how to cook the Diner’s beef patty (from their online store), sharing Instagram stories and tags on posts from The Diner restaurant.


Once dine-in restrictions were eased in late August, in-store Canadian beef promotional materials decorated each restaurant to capture the attention of restaurant guests. Social media reach (Facebook and Instagram) was over 400K hits on the advertisements with an exposure rate of one million views.

A successful partnership, sales of Canadian beef to this restaurant chain increased 25% during the four-month promotion. This collaboration will help build a long-term business partnership with this organization as well as provide the opportunity to establish more Canadian beef items on their menu.
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