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Canada Beef Video Amplification Campaigns with Chime Digital Inc.
People love YouTube videos—they watch videos for fun, for how-to information and as a way to engage with their interests. Knowing this, Canada Beef has developed and curated a robust library of YouTube videos with topics ranging from how to cook a steak, to beef’s nutritional benefits, to guest lectures on beef’s sustainability story.

Developing terrific video content is only half the story in terms of reaching consumers. Expecting a video to go viral is like waiting for a lottery win so it’s important to find a way to promote content so that viewers can see the content and also are intrigued enough to go and watch it. Digital ad investment is a way to “make some noise” or amplify video content so that consumers who might be interested in the content will find it and then click on the link and watch the video.

It’s a two-step process to gain consumer attention for video content. First, the content must be designed to appeal to the target audience and then search results must also be optimized. Media dollars are invested to purchase digital ads geared to the target audience; these ads create interest in the content in order to gain views and get the video content the attention it deserves.

That’s why Canada Beef invests in digital marketing campaigns for consumer outreach. Canada Beef works with agencies that specialize in ensuring videos are designed to capture the attention of the target audience and that an appropriate teaser-clip is created to engage the targeted consumer and encourage them to explore further by clicking on the link to go to the video. Digital campaigns also offer the advantage of detailed reporting that can be accessed throughout the campaign to allow for modifications to be made based on real-time results in an effort to optimize clicks and views of the content.

An example of this type of work is the most recent Consumer Marketing effort to drive viewership of seven new recipe videos designed to entice folks to follow along to cook seven new beef recipes.

Running for four weeks, from mid-September, Canada Beef worked with the Canadian digital media specialist, Chime Digital to gain video views and build subscribers for the #LoveCdnBeef YouTube channel.

The first step was to create compelling short-form teaser versions (six seconds long) of the long-form video content (recipes are approximately one minute long) designed for audience engagement. This short-form content is more “snackable” and makes for a less intrusive ad viewing experience for YouTube viewers. The teaser video versions had a strong call to action, encouraging consumers to both subscribe for more recipe content and to watch longer videos in the Canada Beef YouTube playlist. This was a YouTube campaign so the viewer needed to be on YouTube to be shown the ads.

The next step was to target the campaign, matching the videos with consumers most likely to engage, placing the short ads based on who the consumer is (e.g., a foodie, a mom), what they do online (their typical keyword search actions), and also what websites they visit. For example, the recipe videos were shown to consumers who search with keywords like best beef dishes, keto diet, etc. If you didn’t see the teasers, you probably didn’t match the targeted groups.

Along with placement within specific content, channels, interests and more, Canada Beef was able to reach a massive number of consumers who have shown interest in beef, driving video views that would typically be about 50 views per video if left to organic ‘stumble upon’ viewership to more than 25,000 views for just one ad alone through this digital advertising campaign.

According to Joyce Parslow, executive director, consumer marketing, Canada Beef, this investment in target audience outreach is critical to rationalizing the investment in making great video content.

The results are in and the teaser videos greatly contributed to the success of the campaign. The clear winner of the content run—the Beef & Lentil Salad 6-second teaser—led with an 88% completion rate (the number of people who viewed the entire video), at a very efficient cost-per-view of only $0.02. The Beef & Lentil Salad Teasers drove 44% of total clicks to the Canada Beef YouTube Channel page and 71% of total views.

Out of the long-form videos, the following were the top-performing videos(click to watch):This YouTube video series campaign finished very strong, delivering almost 2 million impressions, over 216,000 Video Views (at a $0.07 Cost Per View), and almost 500 clicks to Canada Beef’s YouTube channel. You can watch all 14 of these new videos at the How to Cook Beef playlist – and look at the view numbers to see how important consumer marketing campaigns can be to drive views.

How to Cook Beef Playlist

“Without the campaign for this content, these new videos wouldn’t have fulfilled their potential to get consumers to cook, generate new subscribers for the LoveCDNBeef channel and create new fans for Canadian beef,” noted Parslow.
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Executive Director, Consumer Marketing

Executive Director, Digital Marketing

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