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Industry stakeholders can get a sneak peek of the Global Canadian Beef Information Gateway program at the upcoming Canadian Beef Industry Conference (CBIC). With a theme: A Whole New World: Globally, Nationally, Locally, the virtual conference provided the perfect backdrop for Canada Beef to unveil a new program designed to optimize the intersection of food and technology by using quick response (QR) codes and barcodes to drive the purchase and enjoyment of beef. Read More

Beef producers are a proud lot who take tremendous pride in their work to raise a high quality, nutritious and delicious protein for the world. Read More

A recent survey commissioned by Canada Beef of Canadian restaurant menus found that even as Canadian beef continues to dominate in many categories, opportunities exist to better promote it to restaurant patrons. Read More

‘Sukiyaki’ is a type of hot pot dish known for its sweet and salty flavour, seasoned with shoyu, sugar, and mirin. It is one of the most popular national dishes of Japan and beef is the primary ingredient. Read More

Traditional demonstrations and taste samplings have always been effective strategies to increase sales and engage with consumers about Canadian beef quality. Read More

Trade shows are one of the important tactics to drive demand and facilitate trade between Canadian beef and veal suppliers and trade customers in China. Read More

When a trusted figure delivers the message that Canadian beef is a healthy choice, their voice is more credible—it’s like a third-party endorsement. Influencers can also help deliver the Canada Beef message to new audiences that might be difficult and expensive to reach if not for the opportunity to access influencer platforms and media relationships. Read More

With the meat industry continuing to be affected by COVID-19, Canada Beef is working with partners to provide solutions. Read More

Find trade headlines, market intelligence and market updates, trade reports and export statistics. Read More

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