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It’s time for a website refresh. Canada Beef’s website is popular with customers and industry members with over 869,000 users a year. Over half (52%) of the website traffic comes from online searches with Google as the number one search engine used. In terms of demographics, the largest age group of users are aged 25 – 34 and users are 57% women and 43% men. This tech-savvy audience is looking for responsive tools, easy-to-find content and engaging visuals.

With this in mind, Canada Beef’s website team embarked on a website redesign.

“It’s been a few years since the last website refresh and redesign in 2016,” notes Michele McAdoo, Executive Director, Communications. “It’s important to keep the website modern, refreshed and inspiring. We update content every month, but website styles are constantly evolving and it was time for a new look.”

The team reviewed many different consumer food and agriculture websites; this research inspired and helped inform the creative direction, starting with a more modern and refreshed home page.

“We knew the home page was too long; viewer feedback told us there was too much scrolling down to find content so we started by streamlining the main landing page,” says McAdoo.

The new-look home page uses targeted categories and icon graphics in the navigation bar to direct users in more intuitively. When you click on one of the icons, the header is highlighted in red and you are taken to the home page for that section.

This bar also highlights CDN BEEF PERFORMS; this link takes the viewer directly to the trade website with resources and market intelligence for retail and foodservice industry professionals.

Scrolling down the streamlined landing page, viewers will find six of the eight icons shown in the navigation bar also displayed in a highlighted square or “door”. When highlighted, these feature an image and also provide a brief overview of the content and the page can be accessed by clicking anywhere on the box.

Viewers that land on the home page can now easily find content by clicking on the icon on the navigation bar which takes them to that section or by scrolling down to the six ‘doors’ and clicking on their choice to be linked to that section—either the icon or the door will take viewers to the same pages.

The six doors feature the most looked-for content—here is an overview of what’s included in each section.

These newly created call-out content boxes highlight key resources and information and will be shown throughout the website.

“The website continues to be one of the most powerful tools in our resource toolbox,” says McAdoo. “Refreshing the look and the content is an important part of engagement with our audience.”

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