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To take advantage of growing demand for Canadian beef in the Philippines Canada Beef International Institute (CBII) Taiwan/SE Asia Office partnered with Philippines’ leading retail brand The Marketplace and trendy restaurant IKOMAI to run Christmas promotions in December 2020.

During the planning stages, The Philippines experienced a second wave of the COVID pandemic so in addition to the dine-in Christmas menu, the restaurant a take-out menu called “Canadian Roast Beef To-Go” for those who wanted to celebrate at home. The menu was created by Chef James Antolin.

Under the Philippines city health protocols, CBII was able to host two separate dinners at IKOMAI restaurant for industry influencers and key business contacts to promote the menu and the promotions.

The outcome of this promotion was a big success for CBII, the beef importer and the restaurant. During the promotion (Dec. 1 to Jan 13), 71 orders of the Canadian Roast Beef to-go menu were sold—a total was 165KG of AAA Canadian Rib eye and the restaurant continued to receive orders from their patrons after the promotion is ended. Because of the success of this promotion, the Restaurant and Chef James decided to bring back the Canadian Beef Roast to-go menu and make it a permanent menu of the restaurant.

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Over the same period, CBII aligned with Philippine luxury retail chain brand The Marketplace to run a month-long Canadian beef promotion. Shoppers could get 10% off any purchase of Canadian beef offered by the retailer. CBII also hosted Canadian beef sampling in seven select stores, an in-store banner with QR code links to the website allowed consumers to have direct access to more Canadian beef messages and recipes to help them cook at home.


The sales outcome was positive with 435.97KG sold during the promotion period including AAA rib eye, striploin, chuck roll and top blade. The Marketplace has already contacted CBII to secure another promotion for the new year 2021.

The Philippines is seeing growing demand for Canadian beef—currently ranked number 12 in terms of Canadian beef export markets by volume and number 13 by value. Before 2018, the majority of Canadian beef exported to the Philippines was either offal items or lower graded beef cuts. However, with food quality and healthy lifestyles being promoted in Philippine society, there has been a significant increase in the volume/value of higher graded beef (AAA) and steak cuts being introduced to this market. With nearly 38% of the population between ages of 25 and 54 and an urban population of 47.4%, it is expected that the demand for high-quality, fresh, clean food products will continue.

Canada Beef International Institute (CBII) China participated in Chef Table events in Guangzhou on September 23, 2020, and in Xiamen on January 21, 2021, held for industry professionals. Canadian beef was presented as one of the main ingredients at the cooking demonstration and CBII also had the chance to showcase Canadian beef attributes and Canada Beef marketing resources. These events provide an effective opportunity to reach potential business contacts in Southern China and enhance brand and product awareness among this important audience.

The shows had excellent attendance and the Canadian beef demonstrations received very positive feedback. Post-event reports posted via Annu Food China and CBII WeChat account achieved more than 3000 views.

COVID-19 updates
China's economy continued to gather steam during the Chinese New Year period despite millions of people staying home for the weeklong holiday which normally sees mass migration across the country. The sales revenue of China's catering sector during the holiday was 5.4% higher than it was during the holiday in 2019, indicating the sector is returning to pre-COVID-19 levels. All areas in mainland China are deemed to be low-risk for COVID-19 and more travelling and further economic growth is expected.

In Hong Kong, authorities have launched a vaccination campaign for around 7.5 million residents. Restrictions on gatherings and the foodservice sector have been slightly reduced as the pandemic was further controlled.
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