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A new year is all about fresh beginnings, so the timing is perfect for Canada Beef to launch its most ambitious initiative to date to ensure Canadian beef retains its place on the plates of consumers everywhere

Canada Beef will launch the first-phase of the Canadian Beef Information Gateway (Gateway) to retailers and consumers this month. The Gateway’s user-friendly scannable QR or UPC codes provide shoppers with instant access to helpful information that encourages consumers to try new beef cuts and explore new recipes and ingredients, which will maximize the food basket for grocers and increase carcass utilization for producers.

The Gateway’s use of convenience and technology will ensure that Canada Beef’s helpful resources are as close to consumers as possible at key decision-making moments about food purchases and meal preparation. “Our goal is to improve customer experience and we intend to accomplish this through direct to consumer promotion and partnerships with retail and foodservice clients,” said Canada Beef President Michael Young.

This first-phase, Canadian Beef branded version of the Gateway will launch with approximately 75 beef cuts organized into categories of Roasts, Steaks, Grounds and Other beef cuts. Each cut of beef has a digital profile that features essential information including recommended cooking methods, food safety and storage information, written recipes, ‘hands-in-pans” recipe videos, nutritional information and shopping lists. The information, accessed easily via scannable code, enables consumers to try new beef cuts and explore new recipes and preparation methods with confidence at home.

This initial Canadian Beef branded version of the Gateway will be for smaller retailers and those looking for quick-to-implement solutions. Later phases of the Gateway will feature co-branded partnerships with major retailers creating customized versions. Canada Beef is actively engaged in talks with national grocery retailers and continues to evolve the Gateway in response to feedback from the sector.

The launch of the first-phase of the Gateway comes as consumers seek out basic preparation methods and recipe ideas, and beef costs (and food prices in general) move higher with no relief in sight.

Consumers will have the opportunity to try out the Canadian Beef branded Gateway soon, and we invite producers to check it out using their smart phone or tablet. Watch for ads (shown following) in regional and national industry and consumer publications from January to March including Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest, Chatelaine, Macleans magazine, Style at Home, House and Home, Western Living and Toronto Life.

In the meantime, scan the code below using the camera on your smartphone to try the Gateway for yourself.

Introduced to producers at the most recent Canadian Beef Industry Conference, the Gateway’s use of scannable QR or UPC codes to access information aligns with recent changes in how consumers browse, shop, and buy food. This Canada Beef initiative provides awareness of the versatility of Canadian beef with a goal to inspire a wider repertoire of beef choices more often.

Future phases of the project will include a French version of the Gateway resources available towards the end of 2022.

To learn more about how the Gateway will serve the Canadian beef industry, please visit:
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