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Last July, Canada Beef ran a successful promotional partnership with Lander’s Supermarket (read more about this promotion here), a large warehouse-style grocery chain. Building on this success, another Canadian beef promotion was launched for the holiday season. Running through November and December, the promotion had both online and in-store elements.

The Canadian beef promotion focused on Canada AAA ribeye, striploin and top blade. These products were advertised on Lander’s social media sites and in mailers to warehouse members. It was also promoted to members of Lander’s Club, a premium member group.

Product samples were sent to five key influencers who were encouraged to try cooking and enjoying Canadian beef and to then share their experience on their social media sites. Additional promotion included a contest—Lander’s and CBII together ran a pop-quiz for Lander’s Club members on their exclusive Facebook page to have a chance to win a Canadian beef Christmas gift box.

Homefarm Vietnam Promotion
Vietnam is a fast-growing market for Canadian beef. As of 2020, there is a zero-tariff rate on imported Canadian beef. As of October 2021, Canadian beef exports to Vietnam reached 10,643MT (an 131% increase compared to 2020). This makes Vietnam the fifth-ranked country in Canadian beef exports.

Homefarm Vietnam is a modern meat and seafood specialty retailer with over 200 outlets throughout Vietnam. HomeFarm sells Canadian beef, supplied by long-term Canadian beef importer TD Food.

The chain presented a Canadian beef promotion December 1 to 13 with featured cuts AA chuck top blade (for steak grill/hotpot), short plate and brisket (for hotpot). A launch event was held with support from the Embassy of Canada and under strict COVID guidelines. The launch featured a live cooking show at HomeFarm’s flagship store with demonstrations by a local chef. The Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam was in attendance, along with members of the media.

The promotion featured social media exposure, an e-commerce platform promotion and in-store promotional materials. Here are a few links to some of the social media influencer coverage:
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