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Telling the Canadian Beef Story with Digital Marketing
Since the beginning of time people have gathered to share stories. Stories bring people together in meaningful and authentic ways. It’s a way to share what we think and feel, both as individuals and as a group.

With that in mind, the Canada Beef Consumer and Digital Marketing teams created the #MyCanadianBeef consumer campaign. This online campaign is designed to build audience trust and keep Canadian beef stories top-of-mind with targeted demographics.

The team looked for everyday Canadians to tell their real Canadian beef stories and share their recipes. These Canadian Beef Advocates include local ranchers and farmers, an Olympic athlete, food media professionals and a chef.

These eight dedicated advocates create content including stories, videos, interviews and recipes on a monthly basis that are then promoted via purchased media and online shared media. Sharing the Canadian Beef Advocate content has helped build a vibrant and devoted fan base for Canadian beef. The goal is to make Canadians proud of the beef they enjoy knowing it is raised by hardworking Canadian families.

To deliver #MyCanadianBeef content to consumers, Canada Beef engaged with multiple agencies to execute the marketing campaign. Each agency had a defined role to ensure the messaging of the campaign resonated with the specific target audiences which included women (ages 35 to 60) and millennial women and men (ages 20 to 35).

The audience was further refined to target specific groups within each segment such as foodies, health and fitness buffs, families/parents, chefs, home cooks, BBQ enthusiasts, butchers, culinary educators and food bloggers/photographers.

The national online marketing campaign consisted of display, video, audio, social and search ads that drove an incredible amount of traffic to the website. Since March 2020, the digital ads have seen over 69 million impressions, resulting in 627,512 clicks to the website and over 26,000 people responding to the call-to-action.

Along with the digital ads, the campaign invested in public relations opportunities to provide facts, testimonials and stories from experts and influencers to enhance consumer confidence and build their affinity for Canadian beef. This was done by working with the online publications and social media accounts most visited by the identified audiences.

Digital publications including DailyHive, Curiocity, EatNorth and Narcity were targeted—these national publications speak directly to the identified audience segments. Sponsored articles, social media quizzes, posts and stories were utilized with topics ranging from nutrition and sustainability to recipes and cooking tips. A selection of these published topics can be seen on the #MyCanadianBeef page here.

To date, this campaign has produced 22 stories, two press releases and multiple trade publication insertions. Follow along on Canada Beef’s social media platforms as more stories get added frequently.

The digital-first strategy for the #MyCanadianBeef campaign has allowed the team to target specific audiences and provide more tracking capabilities. Tracking provides the opportunity to build and re-align the strategy on an ongoing basis to make sure the Canadian beef message resonates with an ever-changing market.

Join the #MyCanadianBeef movement on social media and use the hashtag #MyCanadianBeef to share your story.
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Executive Director, Consumer Marketing

Executive Director, Digital Marketing

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