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Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) produces culinary recipe videos for many audiences. For much of 2021, they have been working on a series of recipe videos for consumers designed to inspire purchase, preparation and enjoyment of Canadian beef at home.

The exciting new videos expand the Canadian beef video repertoire and have been developed as part of the Canadian Beef Information Gateway. The Gateway launches with approximately 75 beef cuts organized into categories of Roasts, Steaks, Grounds and Other beef cuts. Each cut of beef features essential information including “hands-in-pans” recipe videos. The information, accessed easily via scannable code on a mobile phone or tablet, enables consumers to try new beef cuts and explore new recipes and preparation methods with confidence at home.

The hands-in-pans video style is supported with written text and shows the step-by-step preparation of the recipes, making it easy for viewers to follow. The recipe preparation also used common and popular household equipment to make it more relatable for home cooks.

Close to 300 recipe videos have been created to date, many featuring underutilized cuts.

“The recipes we are developing will cover nearly all Canadian beef products that consumers are likely to see in their local stores,” said Cameron Pappel, culinary and innovation manager, CBCE. “Consumers can find old favourites and discover exciting new ideas, many with a global flair, that deliver on taste and value. We hope these videos will inspire consumers to try new recipes and share these delicious meals with family and friends.”

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Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence
Chef Mathieu Paré and Chef Cameron Pappel

Suite 146, 6715 – 8th Street NE
Calgary, AB Canada T2E 7H7
Tel: (403) 275-5890
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