Beef 101


Beef brings joy to tables around the world. Get into the kitchen with your family and cook wholesome meals together. Gather and share the joy (and comforts) of a good meal. Celebrate the small stuff of everyday with Canadian beef at your table.


Catch the Canadian Beef sizzle – from grilling, braising to roasting – Canadian beef offers loads of opportunities to bring sizzle to your table. Ignite your passion for Canadian Beef and share your beef love – cooking with Canadian Beef is contagious! Learn how to buy and cook all beef cuts. Check us out on YouTube How to Cook playlist. Download The Roundup app at Google Play or the App Store.

Learn to Cook

What’s the key to healthy eating? Surprise! It’s enjoying wholesome meals at the family table! Home economist at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, Joyce Parslow tells you why in this short clip. To learn more about the importance of food skills and why they matter visit our blog post, Food Skills Matter.