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A League of our own.

At the core of Canada Beef’s strategy is the need to unite the beef industry, leveraging the diversity of each province. By uniting under a single brand, our industry is greater than the sum of its parts. Canadian beef is the national and global brand of excellence. In order to create and sustain brand loyalty, the focus and mandate of Canada Beef is to drive brand and resulting go-to-market initiatives in alignment with strategic business development priorities. The end result will be increased consumer demand-pull, which in turn will enable commercial opportunities. As the national league, we are the brand. We respect the teams and players in our league and how each must work to differentiate and sustain their own priorities.

This approach has been well characterized by international sporting organizations, such as the National Hockey League or Canadian Football League, where this helps to give a unified voice, perspective and look, while each team and player works hard to define their own character within the league. The consuming public think of the organization in holistic terms, providing an emotional anchor to the overall Canadian beef brand.

Selling beef is the work of the teams, building global public and consumer confidence and trust of Canadian beef is the work we do here at Canada Beef. We drive the demand for Canadian beef overall, without focusing on individual corporate objectives.