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Michael Young, President, Canada Beef introduces the first issue of Canada Beef Performs.

The Canada beef team is pleased to launch the first issue of our electronic newsletter Canada Beef Performs. Our organization knows that beef producers and stakeholder partners are interested in hearing about the return on their investment in Canada Beef and the work the Canada Beef team is doing in Canada and the export marketplace. Read More

Japan is the 2nd largest importer of Canadian Beef with 32,110 tonnes in volume and $214,603,000 in value in 2018. Read More

Mexico is the 4th largest importer of Canadian Beef in 2019 with 15,763 MT volume and $124,311 CAD in value in 2018. Read More

The China and Hong Kong market together is the 3rd largest importer of Canadian beef with 30,830 tonnes and ranked 2nd in value with CAD $272,182,000 in 2018. Read More

Canada Beef’s ‘Canadian Beef Advantage’ message reached thousands of end users thanks to its participation in four major cross-Canada trade events and one sales rep training session, supporting the Gordon Food Service brand ‘Gordon Choice’ 100% Canadian Small Box beef program. Read More

Beef is the number one red meat protein in Canada, with around $13 billion in sales in 2018. Canadian beef disappearance was 941,280 tonnes (carcass weight) in 2018, representing 30% of total beef, pork and poultry consumption. Read More

Canada Beef launched a French Facebook page at the end of March 2019. The initial goal of gaining 250 new followers a month was quickly surpassed, with a total of 1556 followers at the end of the 3-month ad campaign. As of mid-September, there are over 2500 followers. Read More

Canada Beef and the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) hosted Centennial Foodservice executives, sales reps and chefs for a comprehensive foodservice-focused exploration of butchery and culinary concepts highlighting the attributes and versatility of Canadian beef flank. Read More

Canada Beef tradeshows around the world. Read More

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