What this Mom wants most for Mother’s Day: Family at the table

It is a simple wish I have for my Mother’s Day: gathering at the family table for just a bit of quality time.

Coming together to share a good meal and ourselves (undistracted) seems to be difficult to get these days – with after-school jobs, work (and homework) and social activities, this simple act seems hard to come by sometimes. But it is one of those daily rituals we shouldn’t take for granted — sharing a wholesome meal at the family table brings us closer and helps us to eat healthier too!

So I’m making that my goal — for at least this one day! Go ahead and give Mom just what she’s craving for — make a nice meal, take some time and put away the distractions. Here’s a couple of videos to inspire you:

Make mom a meal

Are your family technology addictions are too much to compete with? We came across a video that demonstrates a unique pepper grinder by the Dolmio pasta and sauce company – I don’t know if this is real or where to get one, but I am tempted to find out! Happy Mother’s Day and pass the pepper grinder please!

Mealtime with Mom

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