What a Mom Wants (Really)

In my quick ‘round the office poll’ I did not find one Mom who wanted to go out for the big M-Day: too crowded with kids that are too restless for a restaurant! Mom really wants just to relax in the company of her family and sit at the table while someone else hustles and bustles to get a nice ‘special’ meal together. With no fighting at the table and oh yes – no dishes to do.

So here are a few yummy ideas:

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Beef & Asparagus Involtini: This recipe is Italian inspired, with a taste of spring. Made with Inside Round Fast-fry steak, this recipe won’t break the bank but it sure is pretty (and tasty). Watch the new Beef Bites video here for a quick how-to. Invest in a meat mallet to tenderize or pierce all over with a fork to get the best from the beef. We’ve used goat cheese, but any flavourful grated cheese could substitute – or crumbled blue cheese. Don’t be intimidated by tying the bundles with kitchen twine – a simple bow can work. So if you can tie your shoe, you can tie beef! Invest in basic kitchen twine and you can make all your roasts, medallions and involtini’s look so pretty! If you want something more pro than a bow, WATCH THIS.


Looking for some other options? How about Grilled Culotte with Caramelized Shallot and Blue Cheese  or Mushroom Crusted Tenderloin . Learn all about Culotte on The Roundup app.

Show your Mom all your love. Get into the kitchen and cook!

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