WELCOME TO OUR WORLD! The new Canadabeef.ca

Whether your a Make it Beef Club member, a chef or food professional, a food lover, beef farmer or rancher or just have stumbled upon us — welcome to our new playground at Canadabeef.ca!

This new site is so much more than just a library of beefy content – this is the place for us to get to know each other, learn from each other and share our perspectives.

What you’ll find here:

  • lots of ways to know your beef – out on the range or at your table, there’s lots of beefy topics covered off here: Fact Sheets, Nutrition & Health, Recipes, Video and expertise from our Centre of Excellence
  • lots of ways to reach us: Join, Subscribe and Social Streams – there’s so many ways to share your perspective
  • lets learn together – if you’ve got a beefy secret or want to see what we’ve learned this is the place to do it

So the door’s wide open – please come in and take the tour. Click on the tabs, snoop about – we hope you like what you see! If you want to have a conversation, just give us a poke or pull up a chair and we’ll be at the table.

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