More ways to celebrate Canada 150: Regional recipes

Cook local with foods sprung from our home and native land! Here is a sampling of some of the iconic recipes that we’ve developed over the years that represent Canada coast to coast!

ATLANTIC: Potatoes of course! Once you’ve tasted beef and potatoes from The Island, you’ll recognize the difference that the red soil and sea salt air can make.

QUEBEC: feeds the world when it comes to maple syrup – hockey, maple syrup and the maple leaf are just about all some people abroad know about Canada!

ONTARIO: It’s berry season so get out to the market to be sure to take advantage of the homegrown harvest.

THE PRAIRIES: The prairie burger represents the breadbasket of Canada!

ALBERTA: Some would argue this cut is the best of beef! Brisket is the star of traditional slow barbecue.

BC: A tip of the hat to Canada’s culinary evolution with this magical simple rub for steak. Miso is a great new ingredient to add to your pantry for flavourful beef and super salad dressings!

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