Thinking of Rio? Beef’s the Protein Gold Champion When It Comes to Nutrition

As the world gears up to see athletes from around the world compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, we look at the front-runner of protein – beef. Did you know that beef is the iron king, with 2 times more iron than chicken? For more nutritional facts on why beef is the perfect way to keep your health in first-place, read these quick facts about the benefits of adding beef in your diet.


Athletes rely on careful choices within their diets for their strength and nutrition, and beef is the ultimate protein powerhouse – one of the best sources of iron on the planet.

A recent article published in the Globe & Mail, ‘Hungry all the time?’ (Sunday Jul 3, 2016) – read it here – stated that the beauty of a protein-filled diet, is that meat “can delay hunger and fend off cravings. Protein stays in the stomach longer than other nutrients, so it promotes a feeling of fullness.”

In fact, a 75 g cooked, trimmed serving* of beef (170 calories) has the same amount of protein as 102 almonds at 714 calories!* Beef delivers the full complement of essential amino acids in the amounts your body needs to build and repair itself, it’s packed full with B vitamins for energy and healthy brain function, is an excellent source of Zinc, to support a strong immune system, and above all else, it’s real food as nature intended – recommended as part of eating well with Canada’s food guide.Beef-fuel

Interested in knowing more about the protein power of beef? Check out ‘The Roundup’ App from Canadian Beef (available from the App Store) , or see our short videos on nutritional facts here.

Health Canada, Canadian Nutrient File, 2015. Based on 75 g portion of cooked beef: protein 27 g, iron 2.6 mg, B12 1.8 ug. 100 Almonds: 26 g protein; 5 servings of salmon (cooked, 75 g each): 2.4 mg iron; for 6 sevings chicken breast (cooked, 75 g each): 1.2 ug B12. Food codes: Beef: Average of 6172, 6286; Almonds: 2534; Salmon: Average of 3053, 3183, 3156; Chicken: Average of 842, 7321.
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