The Christmas Specials - Canadian Beef

From high-end to everyday – try out some of our amazing Christmas Special meal ideas to make everyone that comes to your table feel just a bit more special this holiday season.

Our Rouladen-style Italian Meat Loaf takes meat loaf out of ho-hum and makes it interesting enough to serve to company. Our Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence chef pronounced it “delicious” so please give it a try and let us know what you think!

And although traditional Beef Wellington just can’t be beat for the drama it delivers when it comes to the table, it is also a bit messy to carve in front of guests. To keep the mess in the kitchen and provide your guests with individual attention they deserve (including the beef doneness they prefer), try out our new approach to Wellington — our Deconstructed Beef Wellington:

And if Beef Brisket is on your menu, our spiced slow cooker version is so convenient. Once you have it in the slow cooker, your delicious dinner cooks by itself.